Brighton Inshore fishing - catch report 26th November 2018

Just a single sailing today, after sadly having to cancel Sunday sailings, as the wind was just too much and just too east in its orientation. Joined by Andy, Stuart and Martyn, it was straight down west to get back on that bass shoal. En route, we encountered a huge shoal, of what must have been herring. There is a lot of spratt and herring around suddenly. I counted one raft of perhaps 30 cormorants working together, which is something we very rarely see on the inshore. With all this food of course comes predators. The bass fishing was highly productive today, with over 40 fish landed, some returned for being too big, and a table fish for each of my anglers. But the other main event of the

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 24th November 2018 - C.A.T. 58

1st sailing, and it was out with my new BIF1 addicts, Luke and Phil. Once more we attempted the cod spot, once more it seemed sterile. It took me less time to declare a move on, and we headed inshore and west. It was a good move. Bass were there, and amongst a lot of smalls we found just one better fish. However, at this time of year, takes are just as important as size for keeping smiles on faces. Especially in the totally wet and cold conditions we were enduring (remember if you are coming on BIF1 she IS a totally open boat. You will need waterproofs that are also good at keeping wind off, and lots of layers underneath. Waterproof gloves also a great idea... We also got quite a few bangs t

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 23rd November 2018 - C.A.T. 57

Out with Dean, Gary and Jon for a little look around. We headed to a cod spot for the first hour, but very barren ground and just a single (big) mackerel to show for it out there. I began the hunt, moving from rock to rock, except we were forced by just too much S in the mostly E wind to stay in quite tight to get out of the worst of the waves. This was in no way a waste of time. Despite the inshore sea temperatures hovering around the 10 degrees mark, the bass were there. Lots of smalls, one better fish. Wrasse also were playing, as were gurnard. These all thicken up during the winter, and as the Bass vanish it seems to me the Gurnards come closer to take their place. Big gurnard will hopef

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 22nd November 2018 - C.A.T. 57

Without really knowing what to expect, and after my last sailing being a complete blank, and with a stiff easterly wind forecast that always puts a rolling swell on beyond a mile out, I cancelled clients, and instead invited a couple of friends to be guinea pigs and help me get my confidence back, that I can provide paying clients with a service. So, with that in mind John and Steve (Proteus skipper - Brigand charters - having a busmans holiday...) were with me as we slipped out into exactly as expected swelly seas. I went to a cod spot first, but the wind / tide combination was not ideal. Pushed through a little quickly, the frolic did nail a jumbo mackerel, and the herring feathers John wa

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Blank report 16th November 2018

Not a lot to say about this one. Four rods (Gary, Mark, Damo and Armando) fishing for cod. The highlight of the session was Gary's hat. And a sea squirt. Mark did briefly contact a coddie, and there were a couple of other rattles, but the viz was not 100 percent, and it felt all a bit fishless, with very few marks on the sounder. We were booked to continue 2nd sailing, but I offered the cancel option, as it clearly was not really happening. With it being so cold and grey the crew happily agreed to save their money for another time. Wednesday through to the weekend currently looking viabe though, and by then all the rain water will be long since run away, so expecting better viz and much bett

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 3rd November 2018 - C.A.T. 57

Fish of the day - 9.5lb I was quite excited for the first sailing today. Excited. Hmm... Not the right word. I am actually excited by every sailing, coz the buzz of the unknown still goes humming in my head each time we slip out of the marina mouth. Maybe, interested? Concerned? Thing was, I had billed this session as exclusively hunting coddies. Quite a risky thing to do, with far less cod than bass about. However, it was the first time the wind was gentle enough, and in a good position for slow drifts across the cod marks. With me were Simon, Al and his lad Charlie, and Mark, returned after recent illness, and very happy to be back out, if a little weakened. We began our drift, and I was v

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