Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 11th January 2019

As soon as I arrived at the boat, I realised it was to be a very different tide. A shoal of whitebait sat fighting the new flood rushing in to fill the marina, waiting for goodies to be bought to them. The air was less aggressive, and with lighter winds, the feel was much warmer. Shoals of fish marked as we excited to see what would come of this midday sailing. Richard once more on board, along with regular Mark. Small bass were the first to make an appearance, but not a lot esle. Moving ever further west, I wondered if it wasnt going to be a bit of a struggle after all. Pouting but not in numbers. The odd whiting. A very small pollack added to the species list. But the wrasse, well, it seem

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 10th January 2019

Out with regular Richard (not a reflection on his diet habits necessarily... ) and new to BIF1 Steven. And in a word, what a stinker of a trip. Which was a real shame as I was expecting much better. Happily no blanks, but on a truly sterile tide, just two whiting, maybe three pouting, perhaps 6 or 7 schoolies, and the one saving grace, yet another small codling to bring the Cod Accumulative Total to 61... But harsh, and very very cold....

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 6th January 2019

Two sailings today. First one, out with regulars Mark and Damo, and new to BIF1 Dan. After the previous quiet tide, I was a bit anxious. But it was obvious it was again a fishy day, with instant bait shoals on the sounder as we left the marina and endless gannets cruising around looking for opportunity. First spot, and into fish straight away. Herrings, small bass and whiting. Moving on, 2nd spot where I had expected to find some bigger bass, but nothing, other than the odd whiting. We kept on the hunt, moving further west. The highlight was heading for a fairly inshore reef, to look for wrasse, where we found... Wrasse... Four chunky ones, and a first for Dan. I think their dogged determina

Brighton Inshore fishing - Catch report 5th January 2019

Such a very different tide today. Not the routines, which remain pretty much the same. But today, thank goodness for bass. Only maybe 15 of them between Mark, Damo, Jon and Benny, but thats at least some action. Otherwise, just bits and pieces. A single pout, half a dozen or so whiting, a tub and a grey gurnard. No wrasse, no mackerel, no herring. Only witnessed the one smash up, but even there whatever baitfish were there refused to jump onto even tiny feathers. Fingers crossed for a very different sailing tomorrow. Full boat 1st sailing, 3 spaces for 1145... 07970 112774 to get on board. Likely the final sailing at least until the following weekend looking at the current forecast.

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 4th January 2019

Out with Stan and Gary for just the single sailing. Strangely, both guys have been trying to get out on BIF1 for a while, but either weather or work prevented it. And then both for their first time, at possibly the worst time of the year... Funny old world. I was hoping for a repeat of yesterday, but as I explained, although the routines remain pretty much the same, the results depend on what stock swims on that tide. It started similar, with plenty of whiting, and school bass on the frolics. But the jump to the bigger bass spot, produced nothing, other than a cracking wrasse for Stan. Onwards, bouncing a lot of sterile rock along the way. The jumbo pouting were obliging, and single mackerel

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 3rd January 2018 C.A.T. 60

Out with regulars John, Armando and Ian for a single sailing, with the last of the ebb tide. I was quite optimistic to find herrings, and bass. But actually, it turned into an 8 species day. It began with a trickle of herrings, and a few schoolies. A jump further west saw some better bass, including, ironically as we are now into close season for bass, several that would have made perfect table fish. Jumping around found us pouting. And then a couple of surprises in short succession. I am thinking the lack of cod action recently is due to them heading offshore to spawn, as I seem to remember crewing aboard Grey Viking around this time of year, when we actually dropped in on a spawning aggreg

Brighton Inshore fishing - Catch report 2nd January 2019

Out with regular Richard, and new to BIF1 Scott, Georgio and Paul. Another hunt. There will be an element of repetition in any of the current blog entries, as we will pretty much be doing the same thing most days. The only thing that will vary, will be the balance of things caught. This jumps about from tide to tide. Todays fishing was quite ok. And quite chilly. I think 3 hours would be enough for any sane person just now. Fish, well, we caught some of most things. Bass and herrings seem a constant. Big pouting also seem to put in an appearance most days. Whiting. Most importantly, there was plenty of action. Strings were pulled, on lures, when this time last year, the inshore was simply fl

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 1st January 2019

Another single sailing, the first of a brand new year. So of course I take this opportunity to wish all friends, and clients, of my tin-pot operation, a very happy new year. The passing of time is a fascinating thing for me. I made my fiftieth year in 2018. I feel the quickening, and there is a whole lot of fishing I still feel the need to drill down on. A hundred techniques and places that need fine tuning. I intend to crack many of these this year. BIF1 is only just finding her place in the scheme of things. I hope to further polish my product for your delectation and delight... Back to the fishing. A full boat, with Mark, Damo, Jon and David on board. All of them are lure addicts, and I t

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 31st December 2018

Just a single sailing today with David and his grandson James on board. With the fishing now officially harder, the standard rig becomes one for scratching up anything. A great rig for this, is an HTO frolic, with a string of size 6 HTO white feathers above. This will deal with everything from cod to herring. It also means, should you hit into a shoal of bass, that you accumulate numbers quite quickly. The usual routine today. But what was unusual, was the first mark we hit. It has been mostly sterile the last few sailings. Today, there was a mega fish pile rammed on there. We dropped down, and in my head I knew the rods would be slamming over. My guess was herring would be responsible. Inst

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 30th December 2018

Out with Mark, Damo and Garry once more. Forecast was for the wind to increase later in the day, and it did seem that this forecast was accurate, with the wind and the swells increasing all the time we were out there. The fishing, was reasonable. At this time of year, there are some HUGE amounts of fish about. However, they are patchy. Heading to one spot, and sitting there, is hardly likely to produce as it would have just four short weeks ago. Now, BIF1's speed and mobility really kick in to produce the results. We hunt, more than we ever hunted before, at this time of year. Lots of short drifts, and then moving on. We found one stack of fish way down west. Jumbo pouting are reliable, and

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