Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 30th March 2019

A fairly mirrored couple of sessions to the previous day. Damo had finished his tour of duty, choosing instead to follow the Seagull's fortunes. The seagulls are apparently Brighton's football club. Strange, coz I thought the seagulls were those fecking abnoxious shite hawks that crap on my boat every night... Replacing him were father and son Keith and Sam, plus Bradley, all BIF1 returnee's.. Gurnards were again the main event, although having noticed them decreasing in size on the usual spots, I had elected to fish a bank a couple of miles West, as we had found the odd better one whilst hunting big plaice. Perhaps they were drifting westwards. And that is exactly how it turned out. Not fas

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 29th March 2019

Joining Mark and Damo as they continue their weeks holiday on BIF1 for the first sailing were Father and son returnee's Paul and Chris. With what breeze there was, pushing from the east I was quite hopeful for a bit of speed on the drift, despite the neap tide, so headed straight to the gurnard banks to see what was happening. Gurnards of course, although sizes and numbers were down again. Not sure if it might be related to the smaller tides or not, or if the great spawning event is already completed for some and they have headed back out to the deeper banks where I suspect they reside for the rest of the year. A few plaice, and quite a suprise, considering there is just pure sandy banks, a

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 28th March 2019

With just Mark and Damo booked on for first sailing, it was an opportunity to leave the ever popular gurnards alone for a session and focus on the serious matter of looking for a spring cod. With a nice catch coming up recently over towards the isle of wight, I still believe any moment we will see them inshore on our rockier marks. First cod spot, Gurnards and squid... Then, I suggested a bass spot on the way to the next cod spot. Mark was keen, but not rewarded, unlike Damo and I who both captured fish that, Monday onwards would have qualified for the plate. Onto the next cod spot. Here, pouting galore, but no cod or signs of cod. We finished the session on a determined plaice hunt. We fou

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 27th March 2019

Sailing a little earlier to avoid low tide issues (marina is desperate for a good dredging currently and this is likely to be a bigger problem for me before it is resolved) and with my crew's (Mark, Damo, Phil and Ashley) agreement, we spend the first hour of the first sailing on a very determined cod hunt. Two of my better cod spots we gave some concerted effort to, but for nothing. Well, not nothing. Jumbo pout and a single gurnard obliged. So, onto the big gunnie banks. Initially, I was concerned, as just the odd fish, and mostly small. But as the tide got flooding hard, the final 40 minutes was back to hectic. Mark was doing a good job of filtering out the plaice from the gurnards, but s

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 26th March 2019

Damo, Mark, and return of one of my Lee's (strangely the other one wanted on as well, but I was sold out...) were joined by my old mucker Andy, and we headed straight to... the cod ground... Sailing on dead low, once I had managed to spoil my own mood by dropping my Samsung S8 in the water, I thought we would check out the cod spot on the first push of flood, about the only time I havent had a look so far this year. Sadly, no coddies. Just a couple of smallish gurnards. Time for the main event. East, to some fairly close sandbanks, and one particular concentration of fish that continues to impress. We landed well over 60, mostly big, tub gurnards in the morning session. I kept suggesting we

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 25th March 2019

With the wind a very blustery Northerly for the morning, I decided to only run an afternoon sailing. Three on board, all previous BIF1'ers. Scott, Steve and Mackie. I had actually fueled early and popped out for 40 minutes, to get a feel for sea conditions. A bit bouncy, and damp, once offshore a little. I ran a cod drift for 30 minutes, resulting in a big tub and a schoolie. Those cod will show anytime, I am quite sure. By the time I had popped back, loaded the guys onboard, and headed back out, the wind was already beginning to abate, exactly as XC had forecast. I would give XC a round of applause, but that would be far too forgiving for all the times it has missed, or got very wrong. But

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 24th March 2019

A full boat set for both sailings, and a good forecast, with N winds set to be the case all day. Hah!! Somebody forgot to let the wind read the script as it turned out. But first sailing, first sailing was text book awesome. On board, regulars Damo, Mark, Garry, and a rare visit from the man that made it all happen, Captain Bruce. The fish didnt really stand a chance. Except that actually, they did, as all bar 2 of the 70+ gurnards that touched the boards (of course, I have GRP decking, but I like the saying...) were returned to play again. Plaice also we found, but small to very small. Bass, just two, to Garry. And the gurnards are spreading ever westwards which is interesting. Im fairly su

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 23rd March 2019

After todays trip, I can firmly confirm that the sea is ALIVE once more, and then some. Indeed, so many gurnards down below, that the plaice are not getting a look in. Not that I have a problem with that. Gurnards are very determined battlers, and keep people smiling. Just a single sailing, as the forecast for the afternoon was deteriorating. Peter, John, and my friend and former house mate Laura on board. The pheromone thing... further evidence... Of 50 plus Gurnards, Laura got the biggest. 4lb 4oz weighed ashore later. (yes, sorry. They taste so good...) Im still having a little look for coddies as well in each session. No coddies today, but the first of the returning bass. Schoolies, and

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 21st March 2019

With the knowledge gleaned from yesterdays sailing, and with just a single sailing planned, I had the flexibility to move the actual sailing time to coincide with the early ebb, which is when it had fished so well yesterday. And I am so happy I did. A very interesting sailing. I set of with a plan, and happily, four anglers on board. The plan was to repeat yesterdays feat but, being more prepared and with more rods on board (I am convinced that in clear water, five sets of flashy things being worked together have a greater pulling power than say, a single set, and possibly pull fish in from a further distance) I was hopeful of better results. And better results we got. The fishing even got t

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 20th March 2019

Two sailings today, and just one angler on each. First, Armando, who was quite happy to fish for plaice. Which I was very happy about, after yesterdays fishless shadding shenanigans. So, we plaiced. Took a little while to find them, but when we did find a patch, I stuck like glue to them, not wishing to stop the rods from bending. However, the common theme of the plaice for us today was small, with a couple of exceptions in the afternoon, that of course, got away. But action enough, and eventually the cold greyness that had inflicted itself onto the first two hours, receded to allow some much needed warm sunshine through. Not a terrible session, perhaps 8 plaice returned. 2nd sailing I decid

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 19th March 2019

I had originally not intended to sail, as with the gale still raging just two days prior and the water distinctly brown, I could not imagine the viz would recover. Monday was a slightly less windy day, and due to that, somehow, the viz dropped out very quickly with a colour line visible really quite close inshore. Bad news for shore luring, great news for boat luring. So, when this morning I opened the blinds to reveal a mirror calm office, I knew I would be sailing. Confirmed by one of my fellow early risers, regular Jon messaging me on facebook asking if I was sailing... The only problem with Jon (and I mean it. Good angler, smashing company, nothing wrong with the guy) is he doesnt do pla

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