Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 29th April 2019

Out with Brian, Mark and Martynas and much improved sea conditions. The rot has not completely gone, but it has been pushed tight into the edges by the recent gale, meaning the reefs a bit further out are really quite clear. Of rot, and of fish if today is anything is to go by. It all started so well, with a cracker to Brian on just the 2nd drift. But despite whizzing around everywhere and trying everything, just a single whiting, again to Brian, was the only other fish landed. I remain very confident that as soon as the rot tumbles away from the close reefs, normal service will be resumed. And I also feel that might be as soon as overnight tonight. Time will tell...

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 22nd April 2019

Sterile tide... 2 sailings for a grand total of 3 schoolies, 3 gurnards, a plaice and a starfish, and a squid dropped at the net. Enough said. 3rd sailing I cancelled. Bit of a break now while winds mess it up, and I am not unhappy for that. Good time for anyone after a shore or river session with me to drop me a line... Highlight of the day? I did get quite a good picture...

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch reportt 21st April 2019

Full boat of regulars for first sailing, and a clear agenda of the target, and the venue. And it only came together!! This years target of less bass but bigger bass continuing, with some better fish among quality shcoolies. First two venues fished very well indeed. So well, that we only visited two venues. Armando had a good sized squid, Mark a good wrasse from a mark that it is not so usual to find them, but the rest of us had to put up with just bass... 2nd sailing, straight back to where we finished so well first sailing. But sadly, suddenly a yacht race was taking place right on top of the reef. Off we trundled further west. Good call. More bass, a squid for Guy who had replaced Jon on

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 20th April 2019

Out with Anna and Ross this morning. Last time this gorgeous couple sailed with me they had a bit of a bonanza day, so it seemed only fair that my first job was to manage expectations... "Guys, remember last time, the big cod and bass?"... "oh yes" they replied. "Well, sadly that isnt going to happen today..." I returned. I then explained how I felt the bass had not really established on the inshore reefs as yet, and that I thought it might be related to the may rot. "However" I offered, "the plaice have been feeding pretty well in it". I should have whispered, but buoyed up with confidence, I said it pretty loud. So loud, neptune had clearly absorbed the entire conversation. Because pretty

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 19th April 2019

The stiff NE wind that had been forecast, most certainly arrived. Mark and Damo were joined by my old mucker from the Essex wetlands, Chris. Drifting off the beach on the new flood was really the only option based on the conditions, although the wind was due to drop away from the beginning. Quite chilly as well initially. Well, I cant really bang on too much about plaice fishing. They are great, but I think I have used that phrase too much lately. Pretty. Well, all fish are pretty in their own way. Tasty? Bit of a marmite fish really. Scrappy? Oh yeah. On the 35gm gear, they still amaze me. Did we catch? Loads. Well, I think we got to 23 caught, and with Chris off to party the rest of the we

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 17th April 2019

Bass or bust. That was the orders from Jon. And Armando, a bit "plaiced" out as of late, was happy to go along with that. I had popped out the previous day, and had found a nice shoal, nipping two out before a dive boat plopped a string of bipeds in the water. I didnt mind. I was happy that I had what Jon wanted. However, that was the ONLY place I found them, which was more concerning. I warned the guys that Bass or bust in current conditions could well be bust. They didnt mind so much. Which meant i could give it all without worrying. It did come very close to bust however... Of course, the fish I had taken the time and effort to introduce myself to the previous day, were not there. I slice

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 14th April 2019

More of the same really... Same wind, same cold, and just a single sailing as that SE was coming back for the afternoon. Mark and Damo were joined by friends Josh and Antony, and we went plaicing... We did shoot offshore to look for a bass and inshore to look for a bass but they simply were not playing. But the guys were happy dragging for plaice, and there was just enough action to prevent too much boredom creeping in. Big smiles and a tidy feed also. But despite my repeated warnings about the cold, four very chilled anglers left the boat, again I think happy we fish 3 hour sessions, not 8...

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 13th April 2019

It was my absolute pleasure to have on board Dong, Won and GS on board, for a stupidly cold start. The temperatures being forced down by a brisk NE - E wind which was to control the schedule for the whole weekend. Basically, with few bass close inshore, and the wind restricting me to holding close, plaice was the order of the day. And plaice we found. Im not sure I can find too many words to chat about plaice on lures. Ive written so much about them over the years. They are quite fussy, until they switch on when they are quite stupid. This means there are spells of tide where it is difficult to catch them, with lots being dropped en route to the boat. And other times when they hit so hard an

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 9th April 2019

Quite a quick report. I cancelled all sailings based on a really not very nice forecast. Wind, strong but from the North, and heavy rain. So, when one of my guys refused on the pretext that real men man up to a drop of rain, it seemed only fair to hammer in my point... It actually started ok. Winds were strong, and a quick jaunt out to the 2 mile line was quite quickly abandoned, as a short chop and horrific cold wind just made it unpleasant. Plus I didnt see the bass shoal I was expecting on the first two drifts. This trip was always just about bass, and Jon was happy to go and prospect on the close reefs, especially after I explained what had happened the previous day. But today, nothing d

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 8th April 2019

A very similar day again in many respects. First sailing i had regulars Garry and Armando on board, along with a man who had made the trip all the way down from my teenage stomping grounds in Essex, and making up the group was Tracey, who had tasted fishing and liked it, and wanted more. Off we headed... We headed out to the bass mark, but it wasnt happening. A little wander around but not finding them. A try for plaice, also not rewarded. A more desperate try for plaice close inshore, and thankfully some reasonable action. No big fish, but big smiles and happy anglers. 2nd sailing, I had ice luge genius Jon and his lad Jordan joining Armando, and regular Dean. Off we headed. Back to look fo

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 7th April 2019

Something I didnt expect to be talking about so much in the 2nd week of April is May rot. It is here. What I would call second stage. Perhaps I should explain more... May rot is an annual algae bloom that affects the Southern North sea and Eastern channel. We are right on its boundaries, although from time to time it does reach as far as Selsey. Each year, it seems to me, and from this point onward these are all my observations, rather than scientific fact, the trigger is tap clear seas on sunny days. We had these two weeks ago... Then, sediment appears in the clear. This we got last week. Stage 1. Then, the sediment increases, and tidal and wind actions often push it together, when it forms

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 3rd April 2019

Just two on board for first sailing. Armando, and new to BIF1, Robert coming to see what all the fuss is about. I have to say, I wasnt quite sure what to do. Sailing into a new flood, on a slightly bigger tide meaning some flow to play with. Especially with very little wind, meaning mirror seas, although still sporting a reasonable swell from the previous day. I had a little look at a very close reef, and did spot a little cluster, but not enough. And also, some colour collecting inshore, pinned by the giant back eddy created by the west arm. Early rot? I truly hope not. Somehow I seem to remember writing these exact same words every year, so fingers crossed I am just talking crap. I headed

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