Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 25th May 2019

First sailing and finally, I was able to get Luke, Claudio and, new to BIF1 but a long time friend of these two, Rob, on a whole boat charter, after numerous postponements due to wind. And it sort of started really well. I guess it depends on whose point you look at if from. Certainly from the tidy table bass that was Luke's first fish of the day's point of view, it did. "Are you taking this one Luke?" I inquired . Im sure the response was no... So I released it. But apparently, the response had not been no. "Don't worry Luke" I reassured him. "You will get another for the table. He didn't though. Happily, Claudio did as he already was planning the starter, and the main, for some future dinn

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 24th May 2019

First trot out this morning, with Jon, Ben and Andy, and we exited the marina, along with maybe 50 plus yachts. Some big regatta happening. This ruled out the close to the marina marks, so I took the decision, after checking east side, to head west. Wasnt such a bad call. May rot really not too bad considering we were close to the low tide, which is when it tends to congregate and compress the most. Fish kind of agreed as well. Kind of... It started very well as I hooked a fish nudging 6lb early on. Then some quiet. Then a few fish, then some quiet. By the end of the three hours there was a fish for Jon's tea, the bigger one released, plus a further 7 smaller fish. And way too many missed ta

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 23rd May 2019

The final session with Duncan before he began his long trek back up the road to sunny Shropshire. I had quite high hopes when we came out to a far less green sea. Reasonably quickly we dropped onto some fish. Not crazy fishing, but quite fun. Nothing table sized, although they were down there, as one did accompany a hooked schoolie to the surface. Then, as more craft exited the marina, and more hooked fish were returned, the shoal drifted away. Off to play. Snag is, it wasnt so good. No real session saver. At best, I can describe the session as mediocre. Small reward for all of Duncan's efforts. However, I think he appreciated, as a well traveled angler, that sometimes nature steals it away,

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 22nd May 2019

Having run away to the Czech republic (now officially Chechia but I, as well as the Czech nation, cant quite get my head around that... Change for no good reason...) for 8 days to escape the may rot and green seas, and having been sent photo's that suggested it had cleared, I have to say, I was excited to be back at work. Meeting Duncan, we headed out, to... GREEN SEAS... My whole world dropped back to one of reality. In my head, I had plans for surface lures... and all my regular inshore tricks. Snag is, they almost all rely on baitfish. And baitfish do not enjoy green seas. The first session really did not change my slightly depressed frame of mind. Three hours of not a lot at all. A schoo

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 12th May 2019

Mark, Yoshi, Terry and his lad Ollie were out with me for the first sailing of the day. And it has to be said, perhaps the best sailing of the past ten. But even here, it was one mark which saved the day. And it was a long way west, and a long way into the session before we finally found what I would describe as good bass fishing. And it lasted only until a catamaran out of the River Adur came and scared the shoal away, drifting the 30’ of water with both big diesel engines running. I quite hoped the same mark would save the 2nd session. However, a brisk Easterly wind meant we were trapped close to shore for much of the session, with just a single schoolie close to the marina. I was marking

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 11th May 2019

Just Ted out for first sailing. Ted is a regular on BIF1, as well as a regular on his own Kayak at various places along the open coast. Which means Ted is quite aware how cold an early May morning can be. Good job, as we quite literally shivered for three hours, with little in the way of fish to warm us up. David, Roberto and Scott were my very keen clients for the 2nd sailing, and the 3rd in the case of David and Roberto. The craig was good, the fishing less so. A lot of chasing about for not a lot of fish. Some schoolies and a single table fish for Scott. 3rd sailing we said goodbye to David, Roberto and Scott were my very keen clients for the 2nd sailing, and the 3rd in the case of David

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch reports 2nd May - 7th May 2019

Unusual approach bundling up the blog. But I dont have so much to crow about. The algae returned for the bank holiday weekend, and some big Northerly winds also made matters tough. Northerly winds spread the algae, whereas winds with S in them push it hard onto the beach and clears the offshore marks. But I couldnt have reached the offshore marks for much of the weekend due to the strength of the winds. There were some quality fish, and squid, but on the whole, it was a tough, tough struggle, and I thank everyone of my clients for coming to tough it out with me. The general situation is improving though, and today we even found multiples of bass. Just not so big. And the plaice fishing has r

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 1st May 2019

Just Ashley out with me first sailing, and it was looking like a repeat of the previous day for the first hour and a half. People often comment that they see me tearing around out there. This is all part of why BIF1 is succesful. I know what I am looking for, and if after ten minutes I havent found it, I have to move on. I have just three hours to show my crew a good time with fish. No point hanging around on spots where fish are not marking. And this is how this session went. However, when we did find the fish, we were able to drift them time and time again, and happily the action was steady with fish to 5lb. Good sport. Summer sport. So, when we went in and picked up Simon, I repeated the

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 30th April 2019

Bloody hard work... with just regular Armando on board, we fished exclusively for bass, for 3 hours, for just 3 schoolies. Not much to say about that... Rot was a little worse in close, but past 1 mile viz was great. Just happens sometimes that the bass are simply not where I look...

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