Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 29th June 2019

A very interesting day... Anybody who feels they know a lot about fish and fishing, is in all likelihoods, kidding themselves. The ONLY things that know what is going on in fish world really, are fish. And today was a very good example of this. But you will see that when we get to last session... First session, was a good session. Good crew (I never have bad crew. How is that? ) and good conditions. A little bounce remaining from overnight winds, and I had a plan. A plan which worked from the off. Bass started to be caught. Not huge numbers, but quality fish. Which was the plan!! Ricky, Ryan and Matt I feel all really enjoyed the experience. Which is useful. As two of them have strong connec

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 28th June 2019

A very difficult session. NE winds gusting 30, meant west was the only option. And drift was very difficult. And lure control near inmpossuible. End result, Kia had a beast, and a schoolie... James had a gurnard. Enough said. I would not normally sail in such conditions, although perfectly safe. But after briefing them on the prospects, they wanted on. Im glad they did. That is one cracking bass...

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 26th June 2019

Due to the issue with the oil cooler, I had no choice but to cancel first sailing, that I might get some oil from the chandlers. A real shame as it turned out, coz it was pretty much flat calm this morning. A long way from the 14 gusting 25 MPH NE wind that was forecast. And the wind remained nothing more than a stiff breeze for the 2nd sailing. So, Nick, John and Benny, plus myself, headed out. Past "Split III" just beginning to get to work scooping out all the marina mud. Probably a couple of my mobile phones as well... Initally, the fishing was very good. Stunning, might be too strong a word, but when you struggle to find fish SMALL enough to kill (I run a 5lb max kill) you have to wonder

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 25th June 2019

First sailing was cancelled, due to monsoon rains being driven by a brisk wind. But by the time of the 0930 sailing, perfect overcast, muggy weather had taken over. Dean, his grandad Colin, Simon and Clint went on to enjoy some very good sport. Not with numbers, although there are stacks of bass inshore at the moment, but with quality. Why less numbers? Fish food... There is a mass of sub 1cm britt shoals, and the bass are simply charging through them with their mouths open to get a feed. This conditions them to ignore anything that isnt a sub 1cm britt shoal I suspect. However, the silver lining, is with the wee ones harrasing the even wee-er ones, the bigger ones get a chance to have a go

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 23rd June 2019

Bit of a mirror of the previous day, other than I had the opportunity to cancel the rest of the day after just the 2nd sailing. First sailing, with Luke and Rick, and Catalin and John, was the better sailing. Just enough fish to not call it slow. And a few for the table. Wind was annoying in that it was quite strong, and from the east, which meant just a hint of cover from the mainland, but still enough to push across the tide. A messy wind, that means no two drifts are ever the same. This same wind was also forecast to swing slightly more to the South, which was excactly what it did do at the end of the 2nd sailing, enabling me to cancel the rest of the day. Happily, with it so abysmal on t

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 22nd June 2019

Fully booked on all four sailings, and with great weather forecast, the phenomenon of Brighton seas on a weekend kicked in. Without any doubt, boating, and all forms of personal watercraft, are becoming more and more popular, as we as a nation become more and more prosperous. There used to be perhaps half a dozen jet skis in the marina. Now, their floating docks spread like fungus on a tree, occupying whole lengths of pontoons. And you can hire them, where you clearly do not get briefed on the etiquette of approaching other boats. Or perhaps just approaching other boats with five rods launching up to 60 gms of lethal metal, attached to up to 100 meters of garroting ultra strong line. Im sure

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 18th June 2019

Just two sailings today, at both ends of the day. First sailing was one of those rare sailings as a skipper. Fish were everywhere...!! No struggle to find them. Just a bit of wiggling to try and find a better year class. Which I did manage quite quickly, which meant that Armando, Ziya and Jon had a lovely morning catching excellent bass to a biggest of around 6lb. Jon especially had his eye in, constantly bending into quality fish. A few taken for the table, and lots of table plus fish returned. Really good bassing. Which left me hopeful that I could mirror the fishing on the 1800 sailing for Mark and Damo. However, life is rarely that straight forward. Especially if bass are involved in you

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 14th June 2019

First two sailings, and young Clint was my only client. Clint is an occasional client. A busy man running building projects, when he comes down, it is for the full day. He nearly bit for the 0500 launch, until I mentioned it was 0500... He did sign up for the next three though, to be joined by Mark, Armando and Ziya on the 1800. The theme of lots of action, lots of short sharp tugs, continued. Small fish we happily caught for much of the day. I say that, it took two hours of the first session before I finally found some. But then the fishing was reasonably frantic. We also had the fisheries come alongside. My first experience of this, but very happy to see policing happening. We did find one

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 11th June 2019

First sailing, and out with Andy and Stuart. Both familiar with BIF1 and its eccentric skipper. I say eccentric. It might not be the correct descriptive. I dont wear weird clothes or stuff like that, as do some of my quite clearly eccentric friends. Indeed, one of those recently rode through Brighton naked bar a waistcoat and top hat... (respect Twydall...). In these cases, eccentric I feel is the correct descriptive. But one thing that you should be warned about if you find yourself boarding BIF1. Whatever crap is sitting in my head, tends to tumble out through my mouth without censorship. It includes some fishing related stuff though, and is designed to keep everyone fishing sharp in these

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 10th June 2019

First sailing was a family affair, with Paul and his grown up lads Chris and Matt on board. I did think twice about allowing Chris on board, as his tri coloured luminous hat had fish scaring potential. I decided to allow it, but try and remove it at 28 knots. No neck strap, it should have been a no brainer. But would that hat budge...?? It would not. Same like the rain today. This sailing was actually very pleasant though. Rain not so heavy, and winds very light Northerly. Lure control was easy, and it reflected in the catch rate. Plenty of bangs, taps and slams. Big garfish now becoming much more frequent as the rot has vanished and their favourite prey, small fish, happy to come inshore. I

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 9th June 2019

Full boat for first sailing, which was 0930 to allow the swells from yesterdays smash up pass. Was still a bit of swell as we headed out, but it soon eased back. Nothing in the first two spots but we hit gold on the third area. Not lots of fish, perhaps less than fifteen in the whole session, but quality fish were definitely the order of the day, with Scott and Jon both landing fish over 6lb (returned) and both those wishing table fish departed with table fish. 2nd sailing and we welcomed new to BIF1 JJ and his son Zed, as well as regulars Mark and Damo. Sadly this session was more of a struggle, although everybody caught (including wrasse) and Zed was very proud of his first ever bass. 3rd

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 1st June 2019

First sailing and it was all frequent flyers. Armando, Ziya, Mark and Damien. And actually initially a bit more of a struggle to find fish than I expected. But a couple of hops westwards, and we found some. And some more. Table fish for Ziya and Armando. And some nice wrasse also, which pleased Mark greatly. He recently caught what was almost certainly a british record Bailion wrasse, (that is not a mis-spell of ballan, although it might be a mis-spell...) but had never heard of the species (me neither...). When I saw the picture, I just thought it was an amazingly coloured Corkwing. Turns out, it was a very special fish indeed. I think he is looking for it again... 2nd sailing and more regu

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