Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 29th August 2019

With all sailings cancelled due to the wind, I did find that the wind had not arrived yet when I awoke. So I summoned local frequent flyer Jon, to come have a poke for coddies with me. We got perhaps two hours in, before the wind announced itself suddenly. We were well ahead of the game though, as I was keeping a permanent eye open for the distant whitecaps that herald a new wind racing towards us. We managed just one wee skinny one, but proved the point. It is already a good time to target the coddies and expect a result. The cod will increase in numbers every tide now, especially over this weekends big springs. Just need these winds to do one, to take you guys out on them. Currently lookin

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 28th August 2019

Just one sailing as the wind then came to shut us down. Simon was back after staying in town overnight, and was joined by Tristan, Nick and Jon. After the good fishing the previous evening, I was quite bouyed up that we would be back on those same bass. But after spending the first half of the session for not a lot at all, I went back out to the rock marks. Still pretty tough, although happily Nick got one better one, which turned out to be his first ever lure caught bass. Hats off to him for that one, as it was tough. However, silver linings. Nick and Tristan work as tree surgeons, and are currently in fishing mecca Cornwall. I am quite sure that their catches in Cornwall will increase goin

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 27th August 2019 C.A.T. 3

First sailing and out with my Essex mucker Charlie (Google "the illustrated angler") as well as Garry and his lad Tom and frequent flyer Stuart. Once more, a struggle to find the better fish, so I incorporated some cod rocks into my routines. This paid off with Charlie landing his first UK cod on lures (he is a Norway veteran so not his very first) and still some bass and the ever present mackerel. Garry also managed one to bring the C.A.T. up to 3. Garry and Tom had big smiles if not double figure bass as they left, and Stuart is always happy to be out. Family session next, with dad Nick bringing me Hugh, Butcher and Felix to become life long BIF addicts. And I must admit, we did have a lot

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 26th August 2019

Another mediocre day really. Nothing too exciting, although I think everyone who wanted a table bass got one. Certainly plenty of action, with small bass and way too many mackerel. But I have got quite used to lots of fish that are too big to kill. We seem a long way from that again suddenly. First trip I had Pedro who was going hard core and staying on for all three sessions. Regulars Mark and Damo and long time client from way back in the shore guiding days Mark was also onboard. 2nd sailing we swapped Damo for Trevor, and 3rd sailing we lost long term Mark and got Nick and Roger in their place. Another ok day. Noteable fish, well, we had a bright orange wrasse, to supplement the 40-50cm

Brighton Inshore fishing - Catch report 25th August 2019

First sailing and my favourite Korean crew were back to play. Well, Wun and Dong were back to play, and I met Wun's delightful girlfriend Fujin for the first time. We went bassing, and caught some, although sizes not good. Mackerel we also had, plentiful and really on demand, so if I saw attention spans slipping I would metal up for some rod bending, then back on the shad to hunt the bass. Just two for the table for the guys, but plenty of mackerel. Their plans for the rest of the day were to simply cook it all up and eat it, in their Air BnB kitchen. Happy it is not my kitchen. I suspect there will be a slight fishy smell in the air for at least the next weeks residents of the holiday let..

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 24th August 2019 ... C.A.T. 1

Yes, we are back with this seasons Cod Accumulative total... but more about that later. Lets now talk about, the love boat... Because, amazingly, as I don't have couples aboard so often, I was skippering for two lovely couples on the early sailing!! Phil and Lisa, who I have met before, and Andrew, who I have met before, with his lovely partner Moira. Would pheromones win the day again?? Well, I keep saying, its a real thing... Today was all a bit tough though in some respects. Well, perhaps not tough. But definitely not a big girl day. Or so many smaller ones, although everyone who wanted table fish took a bass each home. Mackerel plentiful. I guess I have gotten kind of used to the amazing

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 23rd August 2019

First sailing and out with Charlie, Patrick, Jon and Robin... the third fishing Robin I know of since getting the boat. And it was a great session. We managed to tease a little more than 20 bass, with some quality fish among them. And another thing, is that the brit has grown a little bigger, and the big difference between before the wind and now, is the bass are hitting the lures quite a lot harder. Back to slamming takes and lure heads just peaking out of mouths. Mostly gone are the tiny plucks and outside lip hooks, with the multitude of drop offs that accompany the situation. Fish of the session, and of the day, was one hooked by Jon. Although a very big fish (weighed aboard at 9.75) it

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 22nd August 2019

First sailing, and three generations of the male line of one fun family were my first customers. Grandad Craig, dad David, and lad Cody. And another instant gelling situation. Everyone keen as mustard, I headed to the land of the big girls. Conditions were nice, quite flat. And fish were feeding. Lots marking. The biggest difference between pre-wind and now, is that the fish have started to properly hit the lures again. I put this down to the brit now having grown bigger. To further add to the clues, we witnessed several times today, gulls snatching whiting that were attacking the brit. Could also be why the bass are hitting our shads harder, as they are less pre-occupied wth the wee things.

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 21st August 2019

When I wrote last, that the weather was closing us down for the foreseeable future, I must admit I wasnt expecting to be shut down for almost two weeks. After such an amazing session the last time I got out, it has been a very frustrating time, both for clients booked in and being disappointed, and for myself as this is all a work in progress. First sailing since then, and a family day, Lionel, Mandy and her two lads, Jake and Luke. Not really a day for hard core casting. And the spot where all the big girls have been lurking, was still rather coloured anyhow. After a quick discussion with Lionel ( a regular) we decided to begin on the plaice and then wing it. Not a bad call as it turned out

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 8th August 2019

There has been a pattern in recent diary entries. Good sailing, good sailing, poor sailing. Sometimes, poor sailing, good sailing, good sailing. Other times, but less often, poor sailing, poor sailing, good sailing. But it is very rare to get good sailing, good sailing, good sailing... Today was a very rare day... First sailing, and just Mark and Martin on board. We headed out into a seagull ripe sea, not unexpected on first sailing. Stacks of bait, also not unexpected first thing in the morning. First 30 minutes, slow. Simply couldnt get the marked fish to open their mouths. But as the tide got ebbing more strongly, suddenly the fish changed their minds. We counted over 30 that first sailin

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 3rd August 2019

Out with Bruce and his son Oscar on a whole boat charter first sailing. Nervous that we might experience the same tough fishing as the previous day, I was pleased to find that was not the case. Fish were present, and although we hooked a fraction of the huge shoals we saw below the boat, it was still enough to make for a very enjoyable session. With some irony. Bruce and Oscar are both catch and release fans, so of course, many perfect table fish were caught, and returned. It was a very pleasant morning, with fish happy to feed. If only every session could be like that... These words I found myself saying, when half way through a full boat for the final two sailings of the day. Running back

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report Friday 2nd August 2019

First two sailings, out with Lee and his building crew buddies, Glen, Darren and Jason. Corporate entertainment, that Neptune was happy to put his seal of approval to. He allowed the bass out to play, including some bigger fish, with a cracker weighed on board of a little over 7lb for Lee, and other quality fish. Indeed, by the time of the breakfast break, all killing was complete for these guys, each with a table fish resting in the bait wells. 2nd sailing and I went a different direction, for bigger numbers of fish. And this plan also worked rather well. 2nd session was also plentiful, with lots of action to keep the guys smiling and engaged. By the time I said goodbye, I was very much loo

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