Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 19th September 2019

Curse of the Northerly affected catches first thing. Drifting across the tide, rather than with it, when you find a shoal, you trip across it, rather than moving with it. Not that there were many shoals to be found. Regulars Paul and Mark were joined by Scott and another Paul. Paul D for the sake of this entry. Bait suddenly missing again, and the bulk of the fish seem to have moved with it. Indeed, we spent perhaps 2.5 hours bassing, for one good one to Paul (7lb 4oz), a gurnard and far less mackerel than we have been used to. 2nd sailing, and I headed in the opposite direction with Paul still on board, and joined by Barry, Ed and James. Nothing bassy happening in close, but perhaps the fi

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 18th September 2019

No sailings planned, as I was having a "smart" meter fitted. Not sure it is that smart. No sign of it doing the times crossword. It knows how much electricity I am using, but my old "stupid" one did that. It can break down the usage to hourly, but so can a calculator. Not convinced. Other than happily I can now switch suppliers far more easily. That IS smart. And also two fillings in the afternoon. My teeth, not the smart meter. And even a very rare social engagement in the evening. But, seeing the weather that is coming. and the happy co-incidence of being the very nice man from EDF's first job, and two spare hours in my day appearing on the horizon, I shouted my friend John, and on his arr

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 17th September 2019 C.A.T. 23

First sailing, out with regulars Armando and Pat, joined by suddenly more frequent but not yet FF Jon and Jamie down from Essex. Interesting session, with an Northerly wind blowing at strengths not mentioned by the forecasters the previous evening. Snag with a northerly is it blows you across the tide. This very much restricts the places to look for bass, so for the first hour we focused on Cod. One landed by Jamie, one bumped by me. Bass, well, we did find a few among the mackerel and cuttle, but not nearly as many as if I could have drifted on the tide. 2nd sailing, Armando and Pat said goodbye, and my man Mackie the cod juggler joined. Similar routine, similar result. The cod said hello t

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 16th September 2019 C.A.T. 21

First sailing, and regular Paul was joined by Keith, Kevan and Yvette. With all that is going on under the sea at the moment, it is quite hard to work out what to do where, but we started with a look for a coddie. We found two, one wee one for Yvette, one better one for Kevan. So good in fact, that it is a new BIF1 record at 10.5lb. Yet it was quite slender... Mid doubles by xmas? Maybe... feed on, coddies... On to the bass. It went poorly at the first mark, with the usual problem. Too many mackerel. But at the second, mackerel were missing, perhaps because the bass were active, and soon falling, to both surface lures and HTO Mighty minnows. Table fish were eventually found for all who wante

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 15th September 2019 C.A.T. 17

BIF1 bouncing her way out of the mouth once again. Seems like we almost have the settled Summer I was hoping for arrived. Although the once awesome forecast for the week, now looking like it will end with a bit of an Easterly breeze. Great for the shingle actually, but perhaps less good for BIF1. Time will tell. On board, Garry, his lad Josh, Bill and Catalin. Again the mackerel madness forced us along. Everything for the reason though. It bought us to some really great bass fishing. Good fish, everyone over 44 with few exceptions. Biggest? Well, I managed one that felt around 7.5 - 8lb. Perhaps the biggest. Plenty too big to kill. But four fish did feel a cosh on their heads. All around the

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 14th September 2019 C.A.T. 14

First sailing, with James, Ian, Lee and Glenn on board, to see what we could do. Always hopeful for coddies, I was actually quite suprised that we saw zero. Mackerel were a pain, a theme likely to remain for every early saying over the next couple of months. Some properly big ones among them, but pushed along also by them, as there is simply no point. Casting at distance can produce instantly tangeled lines as one determined mackerel goes loop de loop at fifty yards. Finally, we found bass. And actually, not a bad session in the end. Quality fish, table fish for everyone who wanted, plus several that beat the BIF1 max kill size of 5lb. Some people look at me with wide eyes when I say "sorry,

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 13th September 2019 C.A.T. 13

First sailing, and the first of all full boats over this weekend. With the last sailings being a bit less than I would expect for the time of year, I must admit I didnt know what to expect. Or even what we might find. I did know I had Mark, David, Tim and Paul on board, all frequent flyers all now finely tuned to the technique of the coiled spring. If you believe catching fish is all about casting out, counting, and retrieving, perhaps you should come pay me a visit. On BIF1, the most important piece of tackle, is your index finger. So, I knew if I could put us on some fish, it would happen. And that is pretty much how it worked out. We left the marina into a pretty big swell, in part from t

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 10th September 2019

Nothing amazing to report from today. Not up to my own expectations after so many coddies on the tide a few days previously. Back to a sort of, not so much bait around, hard to find fishes sort of day. Well, not all fishes. Mackerel far too plentiful today on most marks. Some beasts also as modeled by the lovely Katie, who was on board for the 2nd sailing. Herself, Michael, Charlie and Lin, with their first experience of fishing in the sea. Which is why I guess I was far more excited than they, for a mackerel that was likely pushing over 2.5lb. Along with half a dozen small bass. and stacks of that big ones offspring. But for my first sailing crew, hard going. Some bass, dont get me wrong. B

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 8th August 2019 C.A.T. 9

First sailing and I was joined once more by father and son duo, Marc and David. Terrible conditions for the fly rod, with a stiff Northerly wind forcing us inshore and drifts across the tide. A lot easier for the heavier lures than the fly lines, which catch the wind in the air, and the current under the surface. And as such, David did do better, with several bass to his dad's none. No garfish to save the day. But still, we enjoyed, and I think they will be back. Hopefully they will, as I love to see these guys bounce off each other. A father son relationship, that if everyone got, would create a very different world. 2nd sailing, and some ghosts from the past weird wide world of Worldseafis

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 7th September 2019 C.A.T. 6

Another day of struggle. Although, is it a struggle... I think I got kind of used to the amazing fishing of a few short weeks ago, as if it were quite normal. But now, perhaps we are back closer to normality. Although, I dont remember bait fish being so hard to find since about March. The seas are cooling inshore already, down to 18 degrees from their peak of 21. However, although this might be some kind of signal for all the brit to go somewhere else, the lull should be short. As well as ever increasing whiting shoals inshore, we are due an invasion of anchovy and spratt shoals quite soon. I personally had a lot of fun today. Great crews. I always get great crews. I think it must be somethi

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 5th September 2019

Not much to say about this one... 3 hours of hunting, bait fish not to be found anywhere. We were quite lucky to find half a dozen bass and a few mackerel. Not for lack of effort, and quite a few litres of fuel. Always tough, first sailing after a blow, but the last few times it paid dividends. Funny old game...

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 31st August, 1st & 2nd September 2019

Another combined report I am afraid. Wind meant just the first sailings were viable on these days, and since then, wind means we are not sailing. Some hope over the weekend. And this is a shame, as the fishing is quite good. Not for the big girls. I seem to have lost touch with those for the moment, although every tide is different, and they are very likely to show again. But for good fighting table fish, this is a great time to be fishing. Plenty of pods of 3-4lb fish milling around most of the marks. Other interesting things are of course happening, as we race towards another period of seasonal change. The sea temperatures now begin to lower, and this in itself triggers a panic in every cr

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