Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 29th November 2019

A most interesting day... I am finally accepting that changes have to happen, and HAD put thoughts of bass completely out of my mind. Time to do the lure version of scratching, and looking for action more than looking for quality fish, while all the time of course hoping that quality fish will show. So, more drifting of banks for Gurnard and whiting. Very inshore is quite dead to me at the moment, although more to do with flood waters than water temperatures. The outer rocks and reefs always worth a look for that very odd coddie. So, it was as we were drifting said sand bank, catching said whiting, plaice and gurnards, that something very unexpected happened. Very unexpected indeed. I was wo

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 19th November 2019

1st sailing and I was excited for the trip, it must be said. Mostly because we had conditions that would actually allow us to control our lures properly, and select the right sized lure for the fish, rather than for the conditions. But actually, it didnt really make so much difference to the results. Indeed, on the 2nd sailing, an Easterly which was not on the forecast made an appearance, and messed the drifts up royally. But was still the better session... In part, it was because I always learn from the first sailing something. We spent perhaps too long hunting a coddie, before I came back to some marks which have been recently reliable. From gurnard and pout, we found a couple of bass and

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 18th November 2019

Today a game of equal halves. Neither anything special mind. Well, actually not tragic, but I think we have been spoiled by a (when allowed afloat by weather) pretty amazing Summer, right through till that big storm really. Odd days a struggle, but on the whole, some quality fishing. And now I have to get my head around the reality, that winter somehow really did get here. Not all gloom though. No coddies landed, but two definitely bumped off on consecutive drifts annoyingly. And more bass around today, including fish which just 19 days ago, would almost certainly be gracing a table. Morning session, poor Armando faithfully stuck to his guns trying for a squid. But few were having it. Just o

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 17th November 2019 - C.A.T. 30

Truly a game of 2 halves. First plan, was to go offshore with Garry, Catalin and Ian before the new flood kicked the sea up as the wind was slightly over tide. Well, offshore for me. A wreck 2.97 miles from the marina. Just inside my operational limit on my skippers certificate. I have to keep an eye on the numbers if the wind is stiff and offshore... (... little nautical humour...) It was a plan that was met with fish. A small gurnard for Catalin. Small pout for me. Bigger pout for Ian. But not such a great plan, so we didnt give it too long. At the first sign of the new flood, I went to prospect back inshore. A good plan as it happened. With two cod on one drift no less. Not something that

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 16th November 2019

I got so fed up with the floodwater since the big gale and accompanying rain, that I felt I had no choice but to run away and sulk. And since I was really really sad, I had to run a long way away, somewhere landlocked, where fishing is rarely talked about in my circle. This way, Neptune would lose track of me, and press his reset button. Well, it only bloody worked!! On returning, I grabbed a couple of local regulars to give me some ballast to get off the dock, and we went out searching pretty much everywhere rather quickly. Part of the reason for the poor results. The other part forgetting to kick out of summer mode. Clarity was way better than I expected, as there was more rain in my absen

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 9th November 2019

The target was squid and coddies. We hit half the target... A single sailing again today, and with really poor returns yesterday I wasnt at all hopeful. The guys wanted to push on and have a go anyhow, especially Lina, Ollie and JJ down to try and catch a squid. I am glad they persuaded me to sail, as squid were indeed caught. Two landed and a few dropped. Cod there were none, which Scott and I were trying for, but the odd plump pout kept us on our toes. JJ added some feathers, which resulted in a couple of herring. All in all, although the fishing still a long way from what it was, pre-storm, it feels like the beginning of a recovery. A single sailing tomorrow. re-scheduled to 1200, and one

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Since the storm to 8th November 2019

Really poor fishing since that immense blow. It wasnt the wind that did the damage, but the huge amount of rain that fell. Even today, the inshore is struggling to shrug off the sediment and freshwater being shot out of both the Ouse and the Adur like a Cannon. And as a result, perhaps fifty percent of the spots I would normally be extracting fishes from are coloured or desalinated. Some fish are fighting through it, with bass and Wrasse still hanging around inshore, now safe from becoming dinner to leisure anglers. But the cod, mackerel, baitfish and squid, are not showing. However, there is no more intense rain forecast over the weekend. A bit of a blow Saturday afternoon, but I suspect th

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