Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 27th December 2019

First trip out for quite a while, thanks to the constant depressions sweeping in bringing heavy rain and wind. A typical English winter? I think not. I think especially wet and windy since September. And with the first sailing in a little lull, all the usual problems of too much rain water cannoning out of the local rivers, meaning viz was poor, plus the additional issue of a big, almost indian ocean type long swell. We arent used to that kind of swell in this country. It is a killer swell if you suffer even slightly with motion sickness. We headed out and smashed around a lot. Very little results in the first hour and a half. Maybe four whiting and a small pouting. And at the half way stage

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 5th December 2019

Just the one sailing, in the last piece of calm, quite literally before the storm. A week or so of heavy winds, plus some significant rain, means more pub time than I really want this coming week. On board, Tristan back for more punishment, Peter also back for more, and fellow boat owners in the marina, father and son Phil and Matt, keen to learn more about latex loving inshore. Absolutely calm for the entire session, against the forecast. I was happy for the flat calm start, but was braced for the gusts of twenty miles per hour that were originally forecast. They simply did not show. And with a short tide, very little movement. Not a problem though. Because I was expecting these winds, I he

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 4th December 2019

First sailing and regulars Lee and Keith were joined by new to Bif Augusto. Sadly, that did not last so long, coz after 30 minutes bumping around in quite a big swell, Augusto and Keith suffered the scourge of boat angling. Sea sickness. I must admit, I felt it a bit myself also. So, a quick pit stop and just Lee and myself left on board. The first few drifts had been in search of edibles, which were slow to respond other than a rather late mackerel. Lee however, was not interested in a feed, but in action. A quick scan for birds, and we were back on the bass. Sizes were smaller than the previous day, but numbers were good. Plenty of action, and by the end of the session over 30 bass had bee

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 3rd December 2019

First sailing, with Chris, Tristan and Jack on board, had all the hallmarks of a very poor session initially. The usual potter around looking for a cod, that produced just pout. Then in to find bass that were not there. Desperation sent me out to the banks, where things did get better, with plenty of whiting and a few gurnards to play with and at least getting the rods bending. But whiting fishing, although fun, is for a pit stop, not for a whole session, and happily everyone agreed. "I know a spot where at least a few bass should be" I suggested. "Likely small, you cant take any, but a lot of fun..." The crew were happy to have a go. Thing was, there wasnt just a few. There were tens of tho

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