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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch reports 22nd August 2017

Zero swells...

Finally, a day where it all came together. ...ish... The forecast, was spot on. Calm airs, flat calm seas. A WAFI's nightmare. A bass fly anglers dawn... First session, two fly anglers on board, John and Alex. I played with a lure rod, to compare results...

First session results were quite good. It was a distinctly fishy morning, with lots of marks in all the places I would have expected them, all bar one glitch mid session where I briefly lost the bait highway (it had slipped further west as the tide rose. Normally, it drifts tighter to the marina as the tide rises). By the time the first three hours were over, the fly rods had again annihilated the lure rod. 16 bass to about 2.5lb.

First fish of the morning for Alex

2nd session we said goodbye to Alex, and hello to Will. John remained, and co-skipper Capt Bruce joined the boat. And suddenly, we had a much tougher situation. I finally found reliable bait much closer inshore than the previous session. With attendant predators. But boy, was it hard to get them to open their mouth!! Poor Will. He had several times fish tracking his one knocker spook, in chrome and silver. Including one heart stopping moment with a 6;b plos fish. We had, for a while, a SHOAL of sea trout jumping around the boat, something I have never witnessed before. But as for actual fish, a fairly sorry eight fish to the boat, depsite probably having 8000 follow, pluck and scare the flies and lures.

Third session, Tariq, his friend Marc and their two lads, I handed over to Bruce. As I write this, Bruces gift a) with children and b) With scratching out fish to keep nippers amused, is going well. Hopefully he will write up his session before too long.

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