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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 26th October 2017

Sometimes, I wish we could pick and choose which trips to write up on, and which trips to pretend did not happen. This was such a trip. Small tides, on the first sailable tide since the huge wind on the weekend, I guess it was always going to be tough. But I did not expect the sterility that I found on the sounder today. Visibility was poor inshore, so we spent the first two hours on the outer marks, for nothing at all. Coming back inshore, the new flood did clear it out enough to be quite fishable. There simply were no fish. A few patches of bait fish, but compared to the last time we sailed, desert. It took a second trip out onto the outer rocks, before Adrian and Henry at least saved the blank with a schoolie each. But that was it. And even as we were at sea, I was phoning this afternoons clients and telling them not to bother. But tomorrow, will be a very different day. A further 24 hours of settled, and the inshore will be a lot clearer, especially as the wind swings to the north overnight. Fingers crossed, as fully booked all day.

The next available sailings will be on Monday, with the weekend shot by the weather. Full four rods currently available, for 0730 and 1300 sailings, and expecting the fishing to be a hell of a lot better than today. 07970 112774 to get on board.

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