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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 24th March 2018

And finally a catch report with things worthwhile being caught.... When I first moved to Brighton in 2002 I heard talk of a fabled "Spring run" of codling. But I never saw witness to it. I did once land half a dozen in February at Langley point. And my mate Matt and I went out and had six in a single session afloat with lures in January 2016. But, considering how the cod shoals have been mostly swerving Sussex these past three or four years, what happened today was a miracle.

With Ian and James on board, I set off for the same mark where I found a codling nearly a month ago. But it wasnt codling on my mind. It is also one of the first spots the bass show, as it is an area which fills with herring and sprats. And on the way out today, I remarked that not only had the sea temperature jumped up hugely (just shy of 10 degrees close inshore) but that the bait had returned, even into the marina, which had been very sterile the last few weeks (the sounds shows me the bait shoals...)

Out to the mark, first drop down, and James rod doubles over, and the reel begins to scream. I couldnt decide wether bass or pollack. So I was shocked when a cod finally gave up and allowed the net to enclose it. And that set the trend. In that first three hour session, we landed 12 codling, 1 COALFISH, and quite a few pouting. We headed back in, as we had to come and collect Peter, for his first BIF1 experience. There was only one bit of rock we wanted to be heading back out. The swells that had made the mornings ride out interesting were much reduced. And the fishing just continued on. Every cod really challenged the angler, much reel screaming. A cod on a 60gm lure, fished on a 35gm rod, is an experience not many have had. Suddenly respect is there for cod as a sporting fish. By the time we returned, we had landed 21 codling to 7lb. 6 were released. Most successful lures were HTO FROLICS in 65gm, and HTO Arctic eels in their largest version. An amazing day. Sunday now sold out, but I have spaces for 2 sailing Monday - 0700 and 11:30. As always, 07970 112774 to get on board...

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