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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 9th April 2018

Just the one sailing today. David, returning for more, with his wife Debbie, and Steve with his lad Sam. Such a lovely crew. Shame it was such a poor day. Another 25knt cruis out to the coddie spot with rain adding to the wind to make me wish I had a cuddy I could throw in the sea on arrival... Bait showing thick and fast, but the curse of predator fishing. Bait sized pouting throwing themselves on the hooks. Perfect if your a commercial bass fisherman en route to the Kingsmere reef system. But an indicator of nothing down there eating them. When the coddies, or the bass, are in full flow on this spot, you only catch 1lb + Pout.

We went through the motions, but with 1 knot of tide, the drifts were especially short. After an hour and a half, with best fish being a 2lb pouting, I called it for some plaice drifting and herring fishing. The plaice, were simply not playing. Happily David had one flattie, but it was a dab, not a plaice, that had inhaled the Isome. Plaice are funny creatures. Find one, and you can usually find a few on that line. But we couldnt even find one this morning.

Final tally, when we headed in, a little damp and chilly. Perhaps 15 pouting to 2lb . And half a dozen herring. A really non-fishy tide.

Next sailings looking like Wedensday if there is intererst. 07970 112774 to get on board. With the sea temperatures now lifting daily, we should see the magical 10 degrees. And if we do, we wont just focus on the coddie spot. Time to seriously start looking for bass, squid and wrasse. I think 1.5 hours on the coddie spot, and the rest of the session hunting on the reefs.


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