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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 13th April 2018

Steve with a Tub taken on an HTO Frolic

Another great sailing day without customers. So again, I roped in John, and added Steve, to come help me check things out. Straight out to the coddie mark, but only a few pouting despite some very intense effort. However, the mark was not nearly as encrusted in bait fish as it was the previous day. Indeed, we didnt see a single shoal of spratt or herring today. Incredible how quickly things change. So, we headed to the gurnard mark. This did produce some great fun, and it is very reassuring that they are seeming to hold in this one area, and be quite aggressive feeders. Much to the demise of the baby sole it would seem...

Gurnard grub...

Then onto some plaice ground. A new bit (for me. I guess it is a few hundred million years old actually) of sand between a couple of rocky areas. Some success, although with little tide the plaice were not feeding as aggressively, and a lot of rattles resulted in nothing, or fish briefly hooked then off.

At two o clock it was time to drop the boys back to the marina. I refueled, and was going to simply clean the boat down and retire for the day. But I bumped into one of the Gary's who commercial bass fishes. He was bemoaning the lack of useable bait fish. (Pouting, whiting and horse mackerel most often). I mentioned that one mark was hunting cod on it had quite a few pouting on it also, and he persuaded me to take BIF1 to the spot, with him following. And very happy he was too. With a little top up in the morning, I think he has enough to go prospecting for silver tomorrow.

Some better plaice on the new flood tide...

While I was out there, I checked out all the spots once more, as I have two busy sessions tomorrow. The gurnard were there, and happily, with the new tide, the plaice in the sand between the rocks went ballistic. A dozen in 30 minutes, including a couple of much better fish. Happy with that, I finally bought BIF1 in for her hosedown.

Gary Ahoy...

I still have 4 rods available (or whole boat charter) for the 1530 sailing should anyone not have fixed their plans. Sunday and Monday looking very unlikely. Tuesday in the balance. 07970 112774 to get on board.

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