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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 21st April 2018

Just two sailings today. On the first sailing, frequent flyers James and Leigh, plus Tom, who has been a regular shore client of mine, and now returned for his 2nd BIF1 experience. With the dragging for plaice on the isomes resulting in more gurnards than plaice, I decided to begin on a new (for me) spot that caught my eye on the sounder, and which I had mapped in some detail in clientless times. We drifted up to the mark, dragging for plaice, when I noticed on the screen something that suggested bass. And the 30gm Frolic I was working was nailed, by a bass. A very small bass, but it bought much joy to my heart. I suggested the guys swap over to shads, and very quickly the bass counter was showing a 2018 best of 3!!!

Solonette... Our 2nd this week...

Then on to the reef proper. We continued with HTO mighty Minnows. Tom was the next into action. But this time, his rod tip slammed over, stayed over, and slipped drag. The first coddie of the day (and the last) was on. They fight sooo hard. Amazing fun. The rest of the session was spent hunting patches of plaice and gurnard that might be feeding. And it was quite tough going. We did manage some small plaice, one better gurnard to Tom. And another solenette, hooked in the fin this time. We also managed to have a complete grin. A most enjoyable, if a little tough, session.

2nd sailing was our first family day of the year. Frequent flyer Stuart had come, with his three lovely kids. Talia, George and Noah. In descending age order. It was a bit of a test. The kids had been quite upset that Stuart hadnt taken them the last time we were out. Talia and George had been on boats before, although George had experienced a rough trip in extreme conditions and had been ill, so it was a bit of a sea legs test for George and Noah.

The fishing continued to be tough. First drift over the new coddie rock however, did produce a cracking inshore reef pollack for Talia. Very pleased to see these inshore again. The dragging of the isomes was the most productive method. Plaice, all small, all returned. Gurnard. The first Garfish of the season, which lassoed itself in the feather.

Typical reef pollack

All three of the kids seemed to enjoy it, although Noah was quite tired towards the end of the session. However, he had earned his tiredness. Three hours of vertical jigging, dragging and feathering is tiring. Especially when you are seven years old. A text later confirmed. All three want to go again.All three fell asleep in the back of the car on the way home to Surrey...

Tub gurnard with spotted fin variation

Sailings for the rest of the week, are looking like nothing until the weekend based on the current forecast. And yet the current forecast suggested a stiff SW wind today, instead of the light Southerly breeze we actually have... Grrr... So, Im off for a drift about on my tod. More rocks to map out. Seems to be worth the effort... Keep an eye on our facebook page for latest sailing announcements.

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