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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 22nd April 2018

Another day ruined by inaccurate forecasting. We were supposed to wake up to a stiff SW wind which would increase around 1600 to a near gale. On the strength of that forecast, I really didnt have too much choice but to cancel all sailings. I went out for a meal and a few beers, and for the first time in a while, didnt bother to set an alarm. Of course, I always wake pretty early. Not sure if that is age, or simply the fact that subconsciously I am very aware that the forecasting of late has constantly over estimated the wind speeds. So no suprises to wake up to a flat calm sea, and virtually zero wind. I updated this blog from yesterday's trip, all the time expecting my tell tale (my blinds tend to billow just slightly if there is too much wind) to kick in. It didnt. From my window, it was clearly very calm with the sails of some sailing boats reflecting in the water. I headed down to BIF1.

I headed out with the intention of mapping out some more of the rock that I am currently playing on. And it was going quite well. As was the wrasse fishing. I think I have worked out a more specific technique for them with the mighty minnow. Certainly went well with half a dozen classic reef ballans landed in half an hour. I popped over to Cod 1 to see if I could find any more bits of those lumps, but nothing much happening over there, other than a succesion of pout and one decent gurnard.

And then I had a call from frequent flyer Jamie. Was there spaces for him and his daughter Eva? "I will come in for you" I said. Half an hour later, Eva was next to daddy Jamie, and giggling at the bounces as we headed out to drag for plaice and gurnards. The fishing was a lot better than the previous day it has to be said. Plaice were feeding well, and although plenty of smalls, there were a couple of good sized ones amongst them also. Eva, on her very first fishing trip, was an absolute natural. She managed to catch both of the biggest plaice, all by herself, on Maryku isomes. Six years old, the light lure rods were pretty much perfect for her to handle.

I notcied in the distance some fog creeping towards us. The wind had stiffened a little, and had quite quickly kicked up a bit of a swell. But as the fog headed towards us, so the wind increased significantly. The swells responded immediately. Half way through the session, I had to make the call that we were returning to port. Eva was happy though. She decided that the biggest of her two plaice was going to be dinner, and so had something to take home to show mummy. And Jamie I think had really enjoyed himself also, if the big smile on his face was anything to go by.

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