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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 29th April 2018

Just Bruce and I out today. I cancelled all other sailings, not because the weather was unsailable, which it was not although brutally cold in the strong NE wind, but because the drifts would be pushing across a pretty strong tide. Long lines, very difficult lure control for all but the most practiced of participants. Add in the green water and downturn in fishing, and I didnt really feel I had anything to offer fishing wise. Wish I hadnt made that decision as things turned out. Although, the paradox, with the freedom of not having customers on board, gave me the opportunity to go play out hunches.

We began with the usual routines. We had a long drag, for just one small plaice and a gurnard. We had a look for a coddie. But the wind was ever increasing, and being more than a mile offshore was uncomfortable. So, with the inshore viz not too bad, we tried close in for wrasse and bass,

Great move. i showed Bruce some moves I had been working on to especially excite wrasse. 21 wrasse later.... Simpy stunning. However, I do not know so much about the wrasse on these reefs yet. Especially this one which I usually fish for bass. It could be some kind of spawning agregation, or simply some food source concentrated in there. What I do know, is I cant wait to get back there and do some exploring. With just about all other species shutting down with the green water, if Wrasse can provide us with exciting fishing, then its again all systems go.

Sadly, on that note, it is looking like Friday might be our next sailing. A cold, wet and windy few days ahead of us on the current forecast. But, if wrasse are your thing while we await more bass and bream to turn up, then please do consider reserving your place by contacting me on 07970 112774. Nothing big today, perhaps to 3lb, but in shallow water, awesome battles. Bruce also lost something special. Could have been another bruiser ballan, could have been a big bass or cod. We will never know. The frustration, and the beauty, of what we do.

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