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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)


Our new approach would seem to have caught the eye of a new company importing quality Trinidanian rum into the UK. "Cloven Hoof" like what we do. We very much like what Cloven hoof do... A great marriage...

How does this effect you? Well, they have only gone and delivered four cases of rum to fishyrob HQ. 2 obviously are for me. But I couldnt possibly drink the other 2, (no, really... Bruce said I cant) so we have 12 bottles of Cloven Hoof going spare... Bruce pointed out there are 12 months in the year. I spotted where he was going with that, and tried to put him off. "It takes seven years to fly to Mercury...". But he was switched on. And, so, reluctantly, I have to give a bottle of my rum away, to the best fish caught each month. Hence the blogs suddenly headlining with the fish of the day. Its going to make my life much easier working out fish of the month. We will start with this month, June, so, if you have already caught a good fish on BIF1 this month, can I ask you just one thing. Go buy some shot glasses. Please dont pollute my rum with coca-cola... (SMALLPRINT - JUNIORS - IF YOU WIN - FIND A RELATIVE YOU NEED TO MAKE SOMETHING UP TO OVER 18 YEARS OLD) Winners will be contacted by mobile. There is no obligation to bring your prize to BIF1 in a hip flask, unless you really want to... RAISE THE HOOF .

CLOVEN HOOF WINNERS - (Prizes delayed whilst searching for postal solution...)

June - HUGH BRENNAN 7lb 4oz bass

July - Bill Morris 7lb 8oz bass

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