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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 23rd June 2018

Fish of the day for Faisal

Just managed to squeeze in first sailing before the wind took the rest of the day from me. Mo was back, and he enjoyed it so much last time, he bought along his lad Faisel (just 10) and his nephews Hassan and Sam. Out into a bouncy sea. Perfectly safe in a pirate, but some kids are anxious, and some just squeal with pleasure... Faisal was definitely the latter.

Something else about Faisal. He has genuinely got great rod skills. And something else I couldnt help but notice. He is fish obsessed... He kind of reminds me of... a ten year old me. The session started really well. For an hour and a half, we had nice plaice fishing, with some good fish, and happily (Mo had yet another dinner party to host tomorrow... I really like this guy. Social is his middle name I suspect) plenty of mackerel. One other fish of note, a small thornback again on the isome to Sam.

A small thornback for Sam

Then the tide died, and with it the plaice fishing. We headed into some rough stuff, where, although fish were marking, not so much was taking. A wrasse for Faisal. A couple of fast sharp takes that we missed (difficult now to get signals back from the shad with the ever increasing wind and swell) and then, it was time to go. Even if it had not been, it would have been time to go as the conditions were now borderline for what makes a fun trip. We dont really do hardcore on BIF1. We do smiles...

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