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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 6th July 2018

Best of the day for Will, current CLOVEN HOOF contender weighed at between 6 and 6.5lb

1st sailing, I had frequent flyer James out, and a first on BIF1 but by no means the first time we have fished together, my very good friend Richard. He has just one mission. He is on a weekend of Sussex on the fly. Originally he was interested to be guided to mullet, but with such a forecast, it couldn't be. After the winter past, any opportunity to sail must be taken. Which is how he came to be at Zizzi at 0445 this morning...

Richard opened his account with his first ever Gurnard on the fly

I decided to head straight to the western end, after a quick check in Brighton bay where there was plenty of bait but not so much bass marking up. It was a huge mistake really, and by the time I realised, not much time to salvage the session. Not so much of a tragedy though. James had caught one quality bass,. and a good wrasse, and one other bass. But Richard and I, both working away on the fly rod, had nothing other than a couple of half hearted pulls that I suspect were garfish. Not quite true actually. Richard had the first fish of the day, a pretty little gurnard.

First fish of the day for Mackie

Back in Brighton bay, after a quick look east side, I at least could show Richard how it is done, with a small shcoolie on the fly. But now, with the bottom of the tide, zero flow, and the slight breeze pushing us the wrong way, it simply wasnt happening. Mediocre is the best I can describe that session, although with two of us on the fly, had we both been fishing shads the catch rate would be higher.

2nd session (and final today...) I was joined by frequent flyer Ian, and a 2nd visit from Will, who had booked the trip as a birthday present to himself the day prior. I was a bit rocked by the underwhelming 1st session, but decided to continue where we had left off in Brighton bay. A couple of 1.5lb fish were quickly caught, but then too big a lull before the next. I bit the bullet and headed West. We tried a couple of spots along the way but it was the rough stuff way down that came good. Ian lost a beast. I lost a super beast. Will hung onto his. And then, it was a case of every drift some action, with quality bass either landed or lost. Great fishing. And still fishing when we had to go as I had to get somewhere. I was almost sad not to have a 3rd and 4th sailing, and am very excited for tomorrows sailings. Especially in the afternoon as thanks to the football, I have an empty boat, and an inshore very alive with quality bass. Biggest today I weighed onboard, and the scales gave between 6 and 6.5lb...

Another interesting thing I forgot to mention occured on the first sailing. Mackies eagly eyes picked out movement on the surface. On closer investigation, it turned out to be two smooth-hounds circling each other... Courtship?? Maybe... Video here...

I have full boat availability tomorrow on 1330 and 1730 sailings and am expecting this good bass fishing to continue...

Another 5lb plus fish for Will

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