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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 8th July 2018

Fish of the day goes to Kate

Still reeling from the previous days poor results, and with two of the victims back on board, Im not sure if I had felt this much pressure since, erm, since... well, city days minimum. However, it was a much more interesting day with many more interactions with fish. Like a different sea. Mark's quest to push his PB up was successful, Everyone had a bass.I lost a real beast which took off so hard and fast, that the line simply burst and the fish was lost. Not quite sure what that was and dont want to dwell on it.

On a shortened day ( I kicked last sailing as I needed to sort stuff at home) the last sailing, beginning at 1330, and frequent flyer Dan and my friend Katerina on board. There is something of the lovely Sarah (fishyrob diaries... about Katerina. It's the dogged determination to get it right. And she certainly got it right on this session. We were enjoying a chilled session really. Lovely weather, slow drift. Just enough action to keep expectation. Expectation is very important in fishing. I have had some great blanks ashore, fishing new places, because I guess expectations are highest before reality kicks in to spank that monkey. But when every now and then, there is some action, even the odd dropped beast. Big plaice, ray, turbot... the rig I have worked up to now is capable of taking all of them. And I think two of the plaice banks I play on, are very capable of holding turbot. Time will tell... Back to this afternoon. Nice banter. Everyone catching (plenty of small gurnards around at the moment with the whitebait invasion) and plenty of small plaice. However, Katerina, totally unaided, got the best fish of the day. And what a pretty plaice it is .

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