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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 12th July 2018

With just John and Jake onboard for a 1330 sailing, I had for the first time in a long time, a fairly leisurely day. A huge seven hours of sleep, something I dont get very often at this time of year, saw me wake up with a mission. I needed to do so much ashore. A big list. I managed just 2 (banking and hair cut) before the call of the sea got me. It was such a beautiful morning. I decided to refuel, and pop out for an hour before my guys arrived, to see what was about.

I struggled West side. But popped to the east and managed a single cast before my alarm said I had to go in for the guys. But that single cast saw a 4lb fish in the net, so I had a starting point at least.

With Jake and John on board, I headed back to the drift. John had one quite quickly, around the 3.5lb mark. I missed one. John had another bang. But then nothing for 2 drifts. Time to move on. We are currently very much hunting bass at the moment. Blasting around until we find a responsive shoal.

We headed further and further west until finally, we found a shoal that wanted to play. For the last hour, there were fish or takes on most drifts. Nothing smaller than 2lb. Nothing bigger than 4lb. But everyone really determined in especially shallow water to show what they can do. I think it is fair to say, we have another BIF addict in Jake. He really likes what we do :)

My leisurely day continues now, as I am off to see the amazing "Aren Drift" at the Green door store here in town. Great band. Not too many beers though, as it will be an 0400 up to get the boat out with customers on board, before the dock grounds...

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