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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 18th July 2018

I'll give Al fish of the day. See Al, no jinx...

After a day off because of wind, I was fully charged and raring to go. Just Mark out first sailing with me. And another not terrible, not great trip, although when he pointed out his seven fish was his best haul yet, I was quite happy for the session. Shame the pace actually receded, which really wasnt what I was expecting at all on these tides.

Stunning Sunrise

Jake and Richard were next up. A real struggle. The usual story. Plenty of marked fish not opening their mouths. Something about these big springs. They drop away tomorrow so really hoping it triggers the fish to feed. However, with so much baitfish out there, Im feeling our lures are often proverbial needles in haystacks. Just 3 bass landed for the 3 hours fishing.

Marks best of the morning

Third session, and father and son David and Al were back again. I was really hoping this would be the session that went off. But it simply fizzled. Just 2 bass landed, and a cuttle fish dropped at the side of the boat... Such a tough day, after some reasonable bassing. Every day different. And a very busy one tomorrow... Fingers crossed for all souls on board...

Davids Fish...

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