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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 25th July 2018

I have often observed patterns where, for a couple of days, the seas on the inshore seem to be erring on sterile. Then, boom. Overnight a huge biomass of fish turns up. This was one of those boom mornings...

I feel it even as I clear the harbour wall. Some mornings, the gulls are simply bored, sitting on the top of the wall, with a few young ones picking small mussels off the breakwater. Other mornings, the feeding is too good to miss, and zero gulls, or fat, contented gulls, are to be seen standing on the extension. These are good mornings. You can often hear the excited feeding long before you clear the end of the breakwater to get a visual fix.

Sadly it was also a day of few customers to share it with. First sailing I was out with Ashley. We found fish pretty much everywhere, including a random bream hooked up the rear. Table sized, and with guts spilling, it joined half a dozen mackerel for Ashley;s tea. A couple of bass for Ashley, and a couple for me, including a 6.5lb fish caught over a reef in 4' of water, on the excellent Westin Kongetobis. I am having huge respect for this pencil. When launched on the 10' 56gm Nebula on 0,15 nanofil, 100 meters are effortless. Great tool for snatching fish on shallow areas without needing to take the boat too close.

No 2nd sailing, but 3rd sailing I was joined by my friend Jon, alternating between fly and lure. A great session with plenty of quality fish, including another 6lb fish for John. And fourth sailing? No customers, no energy to take myself out. But a busy boat in the morning...

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