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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 7th August 2018

An immense day in the life of Fishyrob... He had his 50th anniversary of being squeezed out in a maternity ward overlooking the banks of the River Roach in Essex. And with only Asia booked in, for 2nd sailing, I must admit I considered not getting up early. But knowing wind was forecast later in the week, and with it being my birthday, I decided to charter the whole boat for myself and go and have some fun.

I wanted to fly fish, but I suspect the fish are so pre-occupied by the whitebait, that my pouting / Whiting home ties simply did not interest them. Some work to be done there as soon as possible. But the shads, the fish were happy to munch on. Really good fishing, with every fish 2lb +. I had about two hours, and around 15 fish, before it was time to come in to pick up my clients. A great start to my birthday.

Jon and Asia were my only clients for the day (just two sailings as birthday celebrations were planned later in the afternoon). This time, I was very clear in my communications. "We will fish 1.5 hours bass, and 1.5 hours plaice, garfish, wrasse and bass" I declared. Both Asia and Jon were happy with this. And so the bassing commenced.

Still good bassing, although not quite as fast and furious, mostly as the tide was losing its pace. Stacks of bait fish around also, which can mean full, reluctant fish. But some crackers amongst them, including a 60cm fish for Asia. The powerful runs really fired her up. She played the fish with a huge smile and occasional whoops of sheer joy. Jon also was in on the action, although I think all of his fish were smaller!!

Then out onto the plaice spot. Again, I had warned that there were not many about and they were small, but I also understood the importance of a species competition. We tried hard, but failed. Failed with the Garfish once again also. A couple of small bass, and a better gurnard made up the catches for the rest of the session. I said goodbye to Jon, and my now new friend Asia, with a contented smile, and headed out to celebrate the fact that I have survived so long...

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