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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 22nd August 2018

Returning from a trip to the Czech republic, that I took to take advantage of the wind that happily (sort of) did arrive, sadly, it was not to the big high pressure system that had been hinted at as I booked my return tickets. Indeed, it looks like we are about to enter a prolonged period of more typical autumnal weather, with rain, wind and much cooler temperatures the norm. But for this morning, there was a window to squeeze in a sailing. And so, with the later time of 0600, another indicator of the fast vanishing summer, frequent flyers John and Tony were on board.

Having almost certainly bumped a cod just prior to my trip, I was very keen to get back down west to continue the search. But the swell didnt quite have the same ideas, and with the forecast set to see strengthening winds I decided against. Instead we started on two of my more close cod marks, but to no avail. So it was time to go bassing.

The bass were far more obliging. No monsters, but nothing tiny either. And steady paced. I dont think we had a single bass drift without some action. But the cod were still nagging me. When the session timed out, as I had no other sailings planned, I offered the guys another couple of drifts on one of the cod marks we had visited early. No cod, but some very chunky mackerel hitting the HTO mighty minnows, so at least Tony got some tea out of it...

That weather is making predicting sailings difficult. And with BIF1 out of the water in the afternoon of the 25th, for a service, its quite possible this morning will be the last sailing before the 3rd September, when normal service resumes, assuming calmer seas. I wont post any sailing times based on the current forecast. But if your feeling lucky, and want to book a space in case the weather on the day is ok, give me a text or call on 07970 1112774.

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