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Brighton Inshore Fishing Catch Report 31st August 2018 CAT - 3

BIF1 cod season is open...

After a slightly delayed re-launch following her service, BIF1 made her way out, complete with Mark and Ted, in initially quite pleasant seas, with a NE light wind. However, very soon the wind veered to the promised SE and picked up to the promised gusting 14 mph. Does not sound much, indeed is not much, but the effect across a fairly strong flooding tide was to kick up a fair swell. We started on some rock lumps closer to home, looking for a coddy, coz they have been haunting me since Mark lost one over two weeks ago. No Joy. We came in a bit closer and more west, but the swells were ever increasing, so for the remaining hour and a half we had no choice but to come into Brighton bay, to take advantage of the slight lee from the marina. On the bass front it was a good call, and we finished the session with perhaps 8 bass landed. But only one over 1.5lb. Not a great session.

Best of a poor morning session...

The afternoon session was looking a lot more promising for Mark, James, Howard and Alfie,. Same wind direction but much lighter, and with an ebbing tide. I decided to try the reverse strategy. Bassing inshore heading west, and then out to bang rock all the way back to Brighton looking for a cod. A great strategy as it turned out, although the first cod, appropriately to Mark who lost that one a fortnight ago, came from a mark where you literally get everything. A few bass on the way down, but nothing special. Then Marks cod meant we were all revved up for some frolicking on the deeper rocks.

Another for Mark...

First mark we went to, we got the second cod. James did actually, and a very good fish, perhaps in the 6lb bracket. I would really love to show you the picture. Really really really would like to. However, there is a story...James is a good looking chap. But I think this has lead to vanity. All the shots I have of him holding fish, he seems to appear airbrushed. Never a hair out of place. Muscle vests. The whole works... And not just him. Notice how his fish look pristine in previous blog entries? Thats coz his fish are forced to the same vanity. So, James has his cod, all set up in pose, and I am just about to take the shot when he says "No, dont like that side. Something has attacked it". So, he unhooks the cod, and swaps the side to the camera. Almost... coz the fish jumped. James hands followed it up, but being closed, simply gave the fish something to flap on for a second jump. James hands could not follow that one, and the fish flapped into the sea. It laid there for a stunned second, as James and I fought for the landing net, but before we could scoop it, it powered back to the bottom...

I nipped a quality bass out at distance, and then Mark was in again. A smaller fish, but again in great condition. Early season fish are often almost eel like. These, plump. And later I heard, full of shrimp!!! A couple more schoolies, and some pout made up the rest of the session. But now, I think I will begin to turn some 3 hour sessions into pure cod hunts. The numbers will only thicken up, and with the bass ban prohibiting large tasty fish on the table, the cod will have to suffer for it. Also, I think we were top cod boat for numbers last year in Brighton Marina. I want to make that a regular feature...

Excellent forecast and full availability Monday, with three sailings to choose from... 07970 112774 to get on board.

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