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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 4th September 2018 CAT - 10

Just the one sailing today, due to lack of demand. Birthday boy David was joined by Alex and Liam, and we were off pretty much on a cod hunt. Sounds crazy really. Cod hunt in August... But they are here, and for Sussex, in reasonable numbers. On lures. Not heard of a single one caught on baits yet, although the cod are stuffed with shrimp and crab rather than the spratt and herring obsessed spring fish.

And it went very well. Although you have to verify very well. Per 3 hour sailing, ten is exceptional. five good, 1 more the norm based on last late summers codding. Already this year, the average is three, and so I am adding a new feature, as it is my full intention to exploit the cod before they too become privatised by the EU (although there is some breaking news on the bass regulations...). That feature is a cod accumulative total (or C.A.T for short... do you like what I did there?) which will display at the top of each blog. I fully intend to be the number one cod boat in the marina this winter, without defrosting a single cuttle. And should we be really lucky, I got some thoughts for when the late Autumn bigger fish arrive...

So, how did we fare? 4 cod in the three hour session. A lone bass of around 2lb. A mackerel. The cod fishing is quite sparse of action generally. But if I could get the customers, and the weather, 4 cod per 3 hour sailing is equivalent to 12 cod days on the current 3 sailing days. Not bad for 2 miles off... and actually bigger than what are on the wrecks at the moment. Still not up to the spring highs of 21 cod days, but pushing that way.

Just two sailings tomorrow, 11:00 ( 1 space available) and 1600 (2 spaces available) and on Thursday 0615 (3 spaces available) and 1100 (2 spaces available). All will be cod quests. 07970 112774 to get on board.



Entry to the frequent flyer club ended on the 1st September. It was a great scheme, and I think went a long way in a short time to create the amazing bunch of regulars that keep us running, and who now form the backbone of much of our future planning. It also simplifies the charges for all non club members a great deal. The prices, as of 1st September 2018 are:

Individuals - 3 hours = £60 6 hours = £105 9 hours * = £150 12 hours ** = £180

* Where daylight allows ** High summer only

Whole boat charter (Max 4 anglers) - £160

ICES scientists have conceded what we all knew. Recreational fishing has minimal impact on bass mortality. As such, the single fish limit is being restored by the EU from the 1st October. This has to be written into UK law. I have emailed my local MP, Lloyd Russel Moyle - Labour MP for Brighton East and Kemptown. I would urge anybody who wants to eat bass this autumn to do the same and approach their own MP. It would be a shame to miss the slot due to nobody hustling it to the top of the queue at the parliamentary level. .

On 2 July 2018 ICES has issued revised advice for 2018 for European seabass in ICES divisions 4b–c, 7a, and 7d–h (central and southern North Sea, Irish Sea, English Channel, Bristol Channel, and Celtic Sea). In this advice ICES indicated a lower fishing mortality from recreational fisheries and a higher survival rate from the catch-and-release practice than previously estimated. Therefore, it is appropriate to introduce a daily bag limit of one fish per day for recreational fishermen applicable in October – December 2018.

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