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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 24th October 2018 - C.A.T. 50

Heading out into a way heavier sea than expected, and a brisk WNW wind. instead of the fairly light NW winds expected. Every degrees more W the swells lift up this patch of inshore. There is an element of lee over towards Shoreham. So, after a very quick couple of drifts (quick with the wind pushing us along on a strong flooding tide) on a coddie spot, I opted to head for bass and less big lumpy seas. The wind was also much less closer to the shore, which allowed for much better lure control. The essential part of fishing the shad effectively. And always, especially on the big spring cycles as we are today, with strong coefficients, the chance of a cod on most of the inshore bass reefs.

With me, were Harry and Antony, and Lewis, all previous visitors to B.I.F. 1's deck. and all capable of enjoying the early morning shower as I crashed BIF1 at 22 knots across some quite big swells. She ate it. She always does. Bit of spray as the wind hinted to go even more West, and increased in speed, which I am sure is somehow linked to the low grey cloud front, that made the morning really a quite chilly affair. A reminder, of what is to come. For all those considering joining us through the winter, I recommend you consider purchasing quality flotation suits in the very near future. Mullion and Fladden are both rarely disappointing. And Muffs are great for keeping the face warm when plowing through icy air at 30 knots.

The move inshore was positive, with a couple of quality bass and a few smaller specimens, but most importantly action to focus the fun and become the coiled spring that is required when fishing for fish bursting to the gills with food. Takes are often so so soft that any slack at all in the connection would deny you the ability to react. You simply wouldnt know a fish had hit your lure, and of course rejected it easily without your firm strike to set the hook.

We skipped along a few more rock marks, finding fish along the way. Harry and Antony were happy as they managed their table fish each. And after releasing some nice bass, Lewis had expressed an interest in a cod for the table. Harry and Antony also would be happy, but also wanted some mackerel. No briainer, although we left a reef that was showing signs of the never ending anchovy shoal being on it. Lewis and I shadded for cod, Harry and Antony folicked for cod and mackerel. Frolic won, with plenty of mackerel, but zero cod for either method.

2nd sailing, I had regular Armando, plus new to BIF1, Nick, Ed, and my former business partner in the Dvice Tackle Co ltd, Barry on board. Off to much calmer seas, with much lighter winds. I headed back down to where the anchovy had been. Zero anchovy, just a couple of small bass. I ran out to some rock, for a shoal that is dependable, and has some bigger fish on it. Nothing doing. I ran back inshore, and began to pick away working back east. Nothing doing other than schoolies and gar. Quite desperate, I called the cod fishing on.

Here, it felt like it was going the way of the morning,. Nothing doing. Until. a slight slackening in the tide, when Nick's rod buckled over to one. He battled it all the way to the surface, where it spat the hook. As this was all happening, Ed's rod slammed over. This coddie less lucky. Only around the 3lb mark, but a coddie all the same., and brings our Cod Accumulative Total, to 50 since the first one of the season back in August. Ed certainly enjoyed the sporting prowess, on the 35gm gear.

Some more bassing, but just a few smalls, and then it was time to return. Weekend looking very doubtlfull with strong winds forecast. Monday afternoon perhaps the next sailing with spaces. 07970 112774 to reserve yours.

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