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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 29th October 2018 - C.A.T. 52

A very interesting day today. First signs of changes happening. Possibly the sudden cold spell, which has has an instant affect on the water temperatures inshore. For the first time in a very long time, fish food, the small fishes that shoal en mass, were hard to find. The never ending anchovy shoal seems to have ended. Still stacks of sand smelt and whitebait in the marina though.

With regulars Richard and Garry, and new to BIF1 Dayen on board, and with the wind lighter than predicted, I first popped to a coddie spot. During the very first drift, the wind increased, and I realised we wouldnt be long there. But we didnt need to be too long as Richards rod humped over, maybe second drift, to a lively 4lb fish. A couple more drifts, but then it was getting harder to keep in contact with the bottom, so off to the bassing.

I headed west to where I had the good sized fish the last time I sailed. Completely barren. No bass, no bait. Finally, Deyans rod kicked over to what looked like a good fish, but it was a small codling, and not the bass we were looking for.

I began working back east, jumping from reef to reef hunting silver. The closer back to the marina the more fish we found, including table fish, much to my and my crews relief. Deyan is a chef at a very famous restaurant / hotel in London, so I had no concerns that they would not be appreciated. Quite tough, but in the end the bass count was quite reasonable.

2nd sailing I had Phil and his mate Sam out. These guys have previously been on BIF1, and are also two who have had the rare experience of me guiding them on lures from the reef, some time ago. This time, thinking I was being clever, we headed east, and we did find some fish, including some better 45-50 cm bars, plus a quite rare east side wrasse for Phil, but it took a move more west before we found consistent sport, typically just as the session was coming to an end, with both time, and daylight, against us. But once more, two smiley folk left the boat, clutching their blue bags, and a lunch that simply cannot be bought. Fresh bass.

Sailings more and more disrupted by autumnal winds now. Looking like Friday will be the next sailing. 4 rods for the early one (0645 meet) and two for the afternoon (1145 meet) available. 07970 112774 to get on board.

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