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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)

Brighton Inshore fishing - Catch report 2nd January 2019

Out with regular Richard, and new to BIF1 Scott, Georgio and Paul. Another hunt. There will be an element of repetition in any of the current blog entries, as we will pretty much be doing the same thing most days. The only thing that will vary, will be the balance of things caught. This jumps about from tide to tide.

Todays fishing was quite ok. And quite chilly. I think 3 hours would be enough for any sane person just now. Fish, well, we caught some of most things. Bass and herrings seem a constant. Big pouting also seem to put in an appearance most days. Whiting. Most importantly, there was plenty of action. Strings were pulled, on lures, when this time last year, the inshore was simply floodwater. Also very different this year, is that the water temperature inshore is fighting to stay on double figures. 9,8 we got this time round. Good conditions for extending the season.

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