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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 19th March 2019

I had originally not intended to sail, as with the gale still raging just two days prior and the water distinctly brown, I could not imagine the viz would recover. Monday was a slightly less windy day, and due to that, somehow, the viz dropped out very quickly with a colour line visible really quite close inshore. Bad news for shore luring, great news for boat luring. So, when this morning I opened the blinds to reveal a mirror calm office, I knew I would be sailing. Confirmed by one of my fellow early risers, regular Jon messaging me on facebook asking if I was sailing...

The only problem with Jon (and I mean it. Good angler, smashing company, nothing wrong with the guy) is he doesnt do plaice. Well, he thought he didnt do plaice. But after 2 hours racing around all my offshore (for me) reefs with shads, for just one foul hooked pouting, he finally conceded. And then finally, we caught fish. Plaice. Dont get me wrong. I was also keen to run all around those places, because literally any tide now those places will show the first bass and cod returning inshore. So, it is important to check. But I was very happy the plaice were playing. Even they were slow, but just enough to keep us interested. With no further bookings, I even pushed it another hour. But... Oddly, the plaice pretty much went off the feed for that hour. Strange things plaice. When they are on, they are really on. And then they switch off...

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