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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 24th March 2019

A full boat set for both sailings, and a good forecast, with N winds set to be the case all day. Hah!! Somebody forgot to let the wind read the script as it turned out. But first sailing, first sailing was text book awesome.

On board, regulars Damo, Mark, Garry, and a rare visit from the man that made it all happen, Captain Bruce. The fish didnt really stand a chance. Except that actually, they did, as all bar 2 of the 70+ gurnards that touched the boards (of course, I have GRP decking, but I like the saying...) were returned to play again. Plaice also we found, but small to very small. Bass, just two, to Garry. And the gurnards are spreading ever westwards which is interesting. Im fairly sure this inshore invasion is all about breeding though, and will end towards the end of April.

Meanwhile, the cod search continues also... and the first proper bass will also be any tide. The first black bream are showing on the Kingmere reef, the first squid already taken from the marina. The significantly warmer sea temps (9.8 on this trip) compared to this time last year, seem to be having effect.

We went in for dinner, and here we swapped Garry for Sultan, new to fishing and very new to BIF1. Heading out, the world had changed. A stiff SW breeze made for a slightly splashy journey out to the mark, which meant we all got wet. First drop down, Sultan smashed his biggest fish, with a nice 2lb tub to replace the Rockling that previously held the title. Gurnards were again the main event, although we were on the top of the tide, and takes were more delicate without strong pace of tide. Plaice also showed. And the wind increased. As did the swells. Mindful that the full bore of a big spring tide was about to hit an unforecast opposite wind, I bought us a bit closer to the marina, in case we had to make a dash., Here it was all about the plaice, with several coming up in quick succession. Sadly all smalls. But action.

As we passed the one hour mark, the tide began to ebb harder, and the swells were ever stronger. Sadly, I had to call it, as the swells were beginning to exceed my certification. BIF1 would ride the perfect storm, but I certainly wouldnt want to... But actually, I think Sultan had enjoyed this baptism of fire, and perhaps we will see him again when his exams are over.

Some spaces all week, through to next weekend, on an ever improving forecast. Warm sun and everything Tuesday onwards... (actually, one space has become available Tuesday 2nd sailing...) 07970 112774 to get on board. I expect it will be all plaice, gurnards, and perhaps this week, cod. They have to come inshore at some point. I hope... Although... this year, already a couple are showing on the wrecks. Maybe they will be out of my range this spring. Time, and effort, will tell....

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