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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 17th April 2019

Bass or bust. That was the orders from Jon. And Armando, a bit "plaiced" out as of late, was happy to go along with that. I had popped out the previous day, and had found a nice shoal, nipping two out before a dive boat plopped a string of bipeds in the water. I didnt mind. I was happy that I had what Jon wanted. However, that was the ONLY place I found them, which was more concerning. I warned the guys that Bass or bust in current conditions could well be bust. They didnt mind so much. Which meant i could give it all without worrying. It did come very close to bust however...

Of course, the fish I had taken the time and effort to introduce myself to the previous day, were not there. I sliced the mark every which way, as they can have a habit of cramming all of themselves into really tight spaces. But no, they just were not there, and little of the bait that usually runs down the gulley, creating this regular haunt. So, we just kept pushing westward, bouncing rock, and catching nothing at all. Indeed, by the end of the 2nd hour, we hadnt even had a bite.

The consistent theme was lack of bait fish. The clouds of pout were missing. I decided to pop to a mark where there are always pout, although the tide was rather faster than I like at this mark. But it doesnt matter what I like. Its really all about the fish, and in the last hour we managed to boat ten bass, to around 5lb. Plus a bonus Bream to show they are likely established already. And some pout... Session saved... And as the alarm was sounding, so a pair of trawlers dragging a net between them crept through, an easy cast away. A lot of pressure on the inshore at the moment.

Out on the bottom of the tide with Nick and Louis, regulars on a bi-annual sort of status, and a run straight west to get back on those bass. Which we did. All one of them. And that was that... A few other bangs, but the reality was, the tide was completely slack, and the fish scattered. Off we went to the main event. Plaicing. Which was very good compared to recent sessions, especially with sizes which were more respectable. The guys had a good time, and returned with a good feed for the family. And even better news, the forecast for Saturday / Sunday / Monday is much improved. Looks like I am going to have to sacrifice another drunken Sunday roast, for some hard bassing at sea. Cant wait... Still a few spaces so 07970 112774 to get yours.

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