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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 25th May 2019

First sailing and finally, I was able to get Luke, Claudio and, new to BIF1 but a long time friend of these two, Rob, on a whole boat charter, after numerous postponements due to wind. And it sort of started really well. I guess it depends on whose point you look at if from. Certainly from the tidy table bass that was Luke's first fish of the day's point of view, it did. "Are you taking this one Luke?" I inquired . Im sure the response was no... So I released it.

But apparently, the response had not been no. "Don't worry Luke" I reassured him. "You will get another for the table. He didn't though. Happily, Claudio did as he already was planning the starter, and the main, for some future dinner arrangement. Rob didn't either. Nor me. But we did get lots of small ones. Lots of missed ones. Lots of could have been's. Plenty of action. After recent events, it still felt like a pretty good session.

But from that, the 2nd session, with friends Steve, Nigel and Julian, plus another new to BIF1, Dag, was positively encouraging. Good quality fish with plenty of smalls to fill in the gaps. Rarely without stuff happening. And one of the fish coughed up part of the reason it is all coming to life. A very small sandeel. Such a small creature would have almost certainly struggled in the green tides of just a few days ago. Everybody left with their fish for the table. And I am pretty sure, the buzz from a good session.

As we headed back in, the projected wind still had not arrived. I decided to assemble my guys for sailing 3, as they were all relatively local. But as we headed out, with the first of the ebb smacking into a stiff SW breeze, its was simply not worth proceeding. A turned her around at the marina entrance and headed in to wash her down. Shame, as the fishing really has, finally, switched to summer mode.

Looking windy most of this week so up to some shore bits and pieces. Happy to take booking for Saturday 1st June onwards. 07970 112774 if you like what you are seeing now. Also beginning 1st light sailings. First sailing is now 0500...

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