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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 10th June 2019

First sailing was a family affair, with Paul and his grown up lads Chris and Matt on board. I did think twice about allowing Chris on board, as his tri coloured luminous hat had fish scaring potential. I decided to allow it, but try and remove it at 28 knots. No neck strap, it should have been a no brainer. But would that hat budge...?? It would not. Same like the rain today.

This sailing was actually very pleasant though. Rain not so heavy, and winds very light Northerly. Lure control was easy, and it reflected in the catch rate. Plenty of bangs, taps and slams. Big garfish now becoming much more frequent as the rot has vanished and their favourite prey, small fish, happy to come inshore. Indeed, the bait has built fantastically quickly. And also bass galore. We did struggle for sizes though, eventually nailing two for the table.

2nd sailing, and a very long time client and friend Gary was back on board, joined by BIF1 virgins Andy and Sarah. And of course, it seems a continuation of the theme that when BIF1 newcomers are fishing, the fish hide. It was actually a real struggle of a session, with the rain now persistent, and worse, a stiff N wind hampering everything. Everybody caught thank goodness, including a table fish for Andy and Sarah to enjoy. As they did the fishing. I keep forgetting, that even just a couple of bass on the uber light tackle, is actually a very refreshing change for a lot of people. Even the totally miserable weather didnt spoil their day. A very lovely, smiley couple left Gary and myself to trudge out into the rain once more. An equally tough session, fish very hard to come by. One nice one for Gary however, which waranted his trip down from North London.

Home now, I have my heating at full blast, and every radiator covered in my sodden apparel. If that sounds like fun to you, I still have some spaces on Wednesday, on a reasonable forecast. 07970 112774 to get on board...


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