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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 29th June 2019

A very interesting day... Anybody who feels they know a lot about fish and fishing, is in all likelihoods, kidding themselves. The ONLY things that know what is going on in fish world really, are fish. And today was a very good example of this. But you will see that when we get to last session...

First session, was a good session. Good crew (I never have bad crew. How is that? ) and good conditions. A little bounce remaining from overnight winds, and I had a plan. A plan which worked from the off. Bass started to be caught. Not huge numbers, but quality fish. Which was the plan!! Ricky, Ryan and Matt I feel all really enjoyed the experience. Which is useful. As two of them have strong connections with anglers, and tourists. A really enjoyable morning.

2nd sailing was a cock up from a business point of view. To cut a long story short, I found myself with an empty vessel. But a last minute request from frequent flyer Jon, meant we were off again. And he was fairly spoiled. This session I would call, better than good. Very good, if not excellent. A repeat of the quality fish, but better numbers. Fish everywhere. Wow, it's good to be a charter skipper at times like this. Jon's big beaming smile, was somehow just that bit wider as he departed.

3rd sailing, and a sell out. Frequent flyers Damo and Mark, and friends Jon and Ben, new to BIF1. And another cracking sailing. Not as good, in either numbers, or perhaps size. But more species, with a couple of wrasse and far too many mackerel added to the bass tally. Suppers all round.

Final sailing, and the reason for the intro. If I suggested that a sea, bubbling with whitebait and brit, and mackerel, and small bream, and everything a bass likes to eat, might be lacking in bass, on an evening sunset tide, you might be suprised... Not as suprised as me. I really thought it would be the creme de la creme session of the day Instead, we struggled for just 2 bass, although one was a cracker. Mackerel and pollack made up the rest of the catch. Amazingly empty, despite what the text books and experts would suggest were perfect conditions. Such is the fickle nature of bass. Only a bass knows, what a bass wants...

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