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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report Friday 2nd August 2019

First two sailings, out with Lee and his building crew buddies, Glen, Darren and Jason. Corporate entertainment, that Neptune was happy to put his seal of approval to. He allowed the bass out to play, including some bigger fish, with a cracker weighed on board of a little over 7lb for Lee, and other quality fish. Indeed, by the time of the breakfast break, all killing was complete for these guys, each with a table fish resting in the bait wells.

2nd sailing and I went a different direction, for bigger numbers of fish. And this plan also worked rather well. 2nd session was also plentiful, with lots of action to keep the guys smiling and engaged. By the time I said goodbye, I was very much looking to the final sailing, where I envisaged the good times continuing...

Have I written about Neptunes "OFF" switch...? It does exist. I said goodbye to the guys around 1330, and popped home for a break, before the final sailing at 1700. During this time, Neptune flicked the "off" switch. We came out at 1700 to sterile seas. Very little bait around. I jumped around a lot of spots hunting. It really hardly happened. The final sailing was unhappily, terrible. Mark, Simon and Ian happily have all seen good times on BIF1 before, so knew this was not the norm, and are still likely to return. The contrast from the good fishing earlier in the day, could not have been greater. Hey ho... My customers, when they see my long face for not finding fishes for them, kindly always say "Its called fishing, not catching"... Which is true. I really should take Neptunes games less personally.

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