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  • Robin Howard (a.k.a. Fishyrob)

Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 18th September 2019

No sailings planned, as I was having a "smart" meter fitted. Not sure it is that smart. No sign of it doing the times crossword. It knows how much electricity I am using, but my old "stupid" one did that. It can break down the usage to hourly, but so can a calculator. Not convinced. Other than happily I can now switch suppliers far more easily. That IS smart. And also two fillings in the afternoon. My teeth, not the smart meter. And even a very rare social engagement in the evening. But, seeing the weather that is coming. and the happy co-incidence of being the very nice man from EDF's first job, and two spare hours in my day appearing on the horizon, I shouted my friend John, and on his arrival, set off for some more cod research and development.

No cod fell. But John did hit what initially appeared to be a beast of a coddie. Instead, the heaviest fish to grace BIF1's deck to date appeared on the surface, after a very dogged battle, expertly and patiently fought out by John. 13.5lb of very pretty undulate ray, and the HTO mighty minnow being responsible. Undulates are savage predators. This is the fifth to stay attached all the way to the net.

Sadly, after tomorrow (Thursday) it would seem I have a week off due to wind. However, I can be persuaded to do some shore bait work if anyone is interested. 07970 112774...

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