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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 10th April 2022

As you may have guessed, the last couple of days have been very hard going, certainly for bass, which is already being asked for as the main event. This time last year, we were finding them, but they had briefly come inshore before vanishing again to breed. This year, these are the fish returning from the breeding aggregations that we are finding in the edges, so, although it is hard going at the moment, it will all come good as more and more finish reproduction and head for a bite.

Todays crew, Stuart, Paul, Scott and Ryan, were bass only. I made it very clear that such a choice could result in a zero catch, but the boys were up for the gamble. Good job... Nearly wasnt mind. All the fish we found, including some male fish who got a bit excited by being caught which shows how fresh from the shag fest they are, were on a single spot. But most importantly, we found that spot.

Just eight bass landed, and very uneven distribution with Paul landing a monstrous four of those, including the best fish of this season so far, at 66cm, although very thin indeed from the rigours of reproduction. The only other fish we caught was a single pollack, but I did note much more bait fish today than previous days. A tough, but in the end successful session. And, with wind shutting things down for the next few days, I suspect with bigger tides, the next time I sail, likely Thursday, will bring better rewards.

Plenty of availability, even through next weekend, which is Easter. Quite scary, as I'm sure all us involved in the leisure industry got quite used to last years unprecedented demand. A contrast this year, with huge travel costs and energy bills sapping the previously reasonably spare cash. Some boats arent moving week to week. I see this as the year we will see the market adjust, with overspill bookings from other vessels a thing of history. Time will tell. But what that does mean, is if you look out the office window and think "sod this" its always worth an SMS to 07970 112774 to check. A very good chance there will be a space awaiting you.

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1 Comment

Ian Crowson
Ian Crowson
Apr 10, 2022

Well done. Interesting post. Didn’t get out today owing to family commitments hopefully try after Easter. Great posts

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