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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 11th August 2022

A very enjoyable, back to back sailing, co-joined purely to beat the forecast SE wind, a feature of afternoons for a while. On board, my long time fishing buddy Charlie, and newfound fishing buddy Andy. Charlie from my own roots in Essex, and Andy all the way from the fenlands of East Anglia. I must remember to ask him if he eats Tench.

The fishing was quite tough at times with the stiff Northerly winds, but both Andy and Charlie are long time experienced rods, and took the subtle changes in pressure that swirling environmental factors cause in their stride. The final tally was twenty fish landed, and had the guys been taking for dinner, it would have been max kill. Some chunky mackerel for bycatch.

And then back to my kitchen. Why? Well, to podcast, of course. I'm getting down with the kids. Hang on... Can I still say that? This world gets quite confusing. I was lost after the whole robertsons jam thing. But Andy and Charlie run a podcast called - "The lure Fishing Podcast" hosted on Fenland Fishing TV on youtube. Can you see what it is yet? And today... Guiding was the topical issue... Not sure when this will release but if you want to see my new kitchen, you can always turn the sound down if it comes out crap. Subscribe to "The lure fishing Podcast" on Fenland Fishing TV on YOUTUBE.

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