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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 11th October 2021

First sailing, and Mark, Stuart, Pete and Andy, all returnee's, were chomping at the bit. A very chilly morning, as it turned out, despite the suns valiant efforts to bring warmth, we all agreed the keen NNW wind rather cancelled it out. Definitely the time for bringing woolly hats rather than baseball caps if you are on first sailing.

The fishing was, at best, consistent, in that fish were well earned. Certainly the first two hours were quite hard going, but interspersed with quality fish, as well as a few smalls.

We also had fishermen George come across. He quite specializes in netting the patches of sand between the rocks, and it is always interesting to know what has ended up in his nets.

Just a single bass, as the water clears the bass can easily see the mono-filament meshes. A cod, because they are just stupid. A bull huss, perhaps 7lb. Further signs of a local recovery of the species, as shore anglers have also been recently finding them on baits intended for rays and bass. And an impressive haul of good sized sole, the actual target. Good to see a good payday for him, as he is not only affected by the weather as I am, but also his results directly affect his income. And this morning I suspect was a good morning for him. Fish prices are again high, and rightly so if we want to see the tradition kept alive.

At the end, the tally was 12 landed, with others lost, and some missed. Certainly the guys all enjoyed it, and all went home with limits. I think everyone enjoyed the visit from George as well. Mark didn't take any fish, and also was not going home, as he is using up acquired holiday.

Breakfast, and back on it. Welcoming aboard, Marc, returning, with friend Allan, first time on BIF1, and Deyan. Lots of flood to play with, and the fishing reflected the extra push. This time the fishing was much busier. Started on a cod spot, but only found bass. Got on the bass, and happily, found bass.

It did slow down over the high tide, at which point I took us back to the cod spot, where we found... bass. Final count was 25, and again, mostly quality with a few smalls. Everyone took home what they wanted, and I was rewarded not only with money, but with four happy souls walking away. It's very lifting. And the days tally of 37 in six hours fishing showing that the fishing is pretty consistent..

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