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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 11th September 2022

First sailing, and onto much smoother seas than the preceding morning, with Dave, Natalie, Tim and Mark, all regulars aboard BIF1, all having fished with each other before, it made for a very nice morning indeed. And not only that, but the fish were behaving as well. A fairly straight forward routine saw us take a couple of fish here, and a couple there, for a final tally of fifteen, with food fish for all that wanted. A really enjoyable session.

Much slower on the second session. Mark remained aboard, after a Cafe Zio breakfast of course, and was joined by Dan, his lovely partner Poppy, and Patrick, returning for I think the first time this year. This session was really quite a tough session, with many miles covered for scant rewards, until we happily finally found a proper concentration of fish, which bumped the tally up to nine for the session, and food fish again for all those that wanted. Even double hook ups which was the norm in previous years at this "should be bounty" time of year.

Third sailing, and regular Lee had bought along new to BIF1 Mark, and regular Jack had recommended to new to BIF1 Callum and Andrew, that they should jump on, so they did... What do you think would happen? Neptune took full opportunity to humiliate me, allowing the boat just six small bass for three hours of everyone but me doing it right. Very frustrating. And yet, they still claim to have enjoyed it. And I didn't even do my happy feet dance. There is a funny story to this... Freshly back from Sweden, where he caught many cod, Mark proceeded to add to BIF1's codlet tally, with the 13th and 14th specimens. The last thing he wanted to see on this bass session.

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