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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 12th October 2020

Just the one sailing today, with the usual story, wind killing the proposed 2nd sailing. And the first day of just 2 sailings per day, so a silver lining is less people are disappointed when its cancelled... My clients for this morning, regular Max and occasional visitor Deian.

A couple of false starts. We nipped a small one out very close to the edge, and with the amount of fish showing on the sounder, I was hopeful it would go. However, the edges were carrying the heaviest of the colour still, and it was a no go. Nets now a problem close inshore, with the lifting of the bylaws, which vanish with the yellow swim buoys until next Summer. It also coincides with the big sole returning to the edges, so netting efforts are at a peak before they thin out.

This left out the back a bit, which was a very good call in the end. We managed to accumulate another 36 bass to join that wee one, a new record for a three hour session for 2020, although nowhere near the actual boat record. However, seasonal changes. With the massive influx of baitfish, the schoolies have finally arrived in numbers. Some better fish among them, with both the guys leaving with a brace apiece, but of those 37 fish, perhaps only 10 were over 42 cm, whereas a short time ago, 95 percent would have been. Action galore, but diluted quality. What to do...??

What you do, is offer a bonus few drifts over a cod mark on the way home, as with no life of my own, and the wind up but still not nasty, it seemed only right. Deian nailed the fishy on the first drift, the following four not producing. It is rather nice when a plan comes together...

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