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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 14th May 2021

One of the most commonly asked questions, when people are booking the boat, is "what tides are the best". Todays sailings rather highlight, that it is an impossible question to answer. First up were regular biffers, Max and Richard. We headed out into a brisk NE wind, exactly as predicted, and I was hopeful that it was imminently to die, as also predicted. We also headed out into a dying ebb, had a low tide to look forward to, but the saving grace (on paper) was the new flood, of which we would get about an hour.

First spot was not only without fish, but also, being a bit offshore, quite bumpy. Not conducive to good lure control. The wind, instead of abating, increased. This left us little choice but to seek the shelter of the edges. I headed for some reef in some slightly deeper water, and we began. Straight into fish. Indeed, it turned into the best session of the day, with seventeen bass landed in the next two hours, with a brace each going back into port for the guys. For this time of year, after the relative drought in the shallows, its nice to see it all kicking back into life.

2nd sailing, with the wind finally having become calm, as forecast, I welcomed aboard regular Biffers Brian and Peter. This session, was a little tougher, with numbers down, just eleven landed. But sizes were well up, with at least 8 being over the magical 42. But of course, just a brace each for the guys. Brian wanted to top up, and working the same drifts with the feathers, quickly had 20 in the bucket. A keen shore angler, there were some perfect bass baits among them. Plus a bonus bass on the frolic, used as a weight.

3rd and final sailing, it was my pleasure to welcome aboard Jess, returning for his 2nd visit, and BIF1 virgin Tom. Back out, and straight back on them. Sizes were not as good, with schoolies bulking out the 13 fish landed. Very unlucky after earlier landings. But the guys seemed to really enjoy it. Loads missed mind. Interesting fishing, but with a total of 41 fish on the day, also a very productive days fishing. With the on paper worst conditions, seeing the best of the action. So, I am afraid next person who asks when the best tides are, will get a stock answer. "When the fish are opening their mouths"...

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14. Mai 2021

Wouldn’t expect an answer any less flippant from ’fishy Rob’

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