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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 14th November 2021

First sailing, and regulars Mark and Damo were joined by ever more regular Jack and Liam. Regular readers might recall that Liam's very first cast from BIF1 ever was intercepted by an 8lb + beastie. bass. Off we headed on calm seas, with a less than forecast Northerly breeze. Pretty good conditions really. Just a short tide to contend with, although this can go in favour of cod and squid, both of which were on the agenda. But for the first, fastest part of the new ebb, bass were the target.

Fishing was not terrible either. Not as busy as recently but still plenty down there wanting to play. Plus further confirmation that whiting are the quarry for the bass shoals, in the form of catching them on the shads. And further irony. A good proportion of the fish landed were takeable. But we didnt have any foodies on board.

As the tide dropped away, the catch rate also stalled. Time to look for a cod, while fishing the best bet prospecting rig, for squid as well. The squidding went better than the cod, with five landed, the cod remaining elusive.

Second sailing, we went out to the squid / cod spot first. Still on board, Mark and Damo, joined by Ian and Max. Again the squid were happy to play, a quick dozen in the wells, but the cod again avoided us. I guess it cant happen every day. Or were we just unlucky? Find out tomorrow... Off to the bass, and these were really playing hardball, despite the dropping wind meaning reasonable drifts. What actually were absent were the whiting shoals, the few bass that were there, being found close to the few bits of structure on the ground. We got to five, and I suggested we have a look for a better fish.

This we found, Ian being the lucky captor, but still nothing huge, perhaps around 4lb. And suddenly, the time was up. Just six bass landed, but three of which were destined to be eaten. Plus those squid. Plus a solitary gurnard. A bit slow, but a long way from terrible.

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