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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 14th September 2023

First sailing, and joining very regular David, was first time to BIF1, Greg, his dad visiting from Poland Bolek, and friend Artur. Seas were quite flat, although there was some breeze off the land, making it feel, well, like autumn has arrived. But of course, in the sea as well as on the land, autumn is a time of plenty. But only in the mornings as it turns out...

Which basically meant these guys had a great time. Mostly due to a big cloud that stubbornly clung to the sun for the first two hours. When it eventually gave up and retreated, the fishing immediately became harder. And the cod were playing hard ball as well. Not that anyone was complaining.

Looking for a max kill of 8 fish, that was accomplished in the first 30 minutes. There were not many under 42cm in the total of 31 fish. And most importantly, Bolek, who is a very experienced inland angler, fished the sea for the first time, and now likely thinks fishing is too easy in England.

Had he been on the next sailing, he may have changed his mind... All returnee's, Mitch, David and Peter had a proper grueller. Despite going everywhere and trying everything, (it seemed at the time. As I write this, I just thought of what may have happened) we couldn't get going. Just five small bass landed, and nothing for the table.

Final sailing, Peter remained, to be joined by Peter and Tonino, both regulars, and Tonino bought along his friend, Ryan. Who is welsh. But doesnt have the accent.

And another real struggle. They had all read last nights catch report, so I explained I was struggling a bit, and perhaps they might like to try for squid and cod if the bass did not play.

After an hour and a half, and just one schoolie, we were on the cod and squid. Actually, Peter and I were. Guys were more on the cod and bass. As once the squid jig is loaded on the line, bass do give instant caution and it is very rare to get one, even fishing the jig shad combination. Cod, far more dumb. And yet, on this occasion, not dumb at all. As they did not bother us for a moment. Squid, less lucky. We bagged 13 of those, with Ryan having a first there. Cuttles were swarming down there, but ignored the jig and went for the shad most times, just one ending up landed. And that was that. Tomorrow just a single sailing early, and a squid trip into dusk. Got to be easier, right?

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