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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 15th June 2021

First sailing, and Barry joined friends Tariq, Tai and Dean, on a sailing in a wind that, if it had been forecasted, I would have cancelled. Instead of the NE 10mph gusting 14 that was forecast, a wind very fishable which actually opens up new chances, we had a wind blowing a constant 15 gusting maybe 25. Perfectly safe to sail, which is why I did. That, and the fact that the bulk of my crew had travelled some miles. Barry however, had travelled about 200 meters as he lives in the marina, but was game to give it a go. I always brief people on the prospects, and if they are not up to their expectations, they are welcome to walk away, as I completely understand. Happily, all were of the opinion that even hard fishing in a cold wind, was perhaps better than the school run.

And the session lived up to expectations. Very hard going. Instead of presenting the tiny shads that do seem to be pulling a few more fish, the conditions demanded oversized shads to combat the wind. Pretty hopeless. And pretty fishless. Baring one sneaked out for the table. So, for the last 40 minutes we went onto the Plaice, despite it being on the bottom of the tide. Happily, with the wind to force us across the ground plaice did play. As did a couple of gurnard for variety. But, disappointing.

2nd sailing, Martin and Karl returned. The wind by now had dropped, and we were able to fish lures properly. But we were marking far less fish than in the morning, with the same result. Very few bass. So, again onto the plaice. Desperate times.

3rd sailing, and I managed to postpone one client, who I knew didnt like rolling seas. The reason? Well, now the wind was from the South East, over the new flood tide, and a deep swell had developed. No worries for BIF1 though. She is modelled on a german fast torpedo boat. She doesnt smash through a swell. She dances on top of it. I suggested to the remaining, Nick, Dicky and Peter, that were already travelling by the time I tried to cancel, that we fish for plaice the first half, and chase bass the 2nd. Good call. This time, the plaice were having it. We managed 34 before we headed off for spikeys. Spikey's, just two. Hard times, with the micro fry being the suspected culprit taking the basses attention away from our shads.

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