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Brighton Inshore Fishing - Catch report 15th October 2023

Bloody forecasting got me again today. The 7-10 MOH N winds were actually 12-20 NNW winds. It wasnt the shock of the sudden cold, as the last couple of nights have adjusted me already. It was the speed the boat was being pushed across the tide that was the problem, creating slacks in the line. And slacks mean inefficiency and poor results.

This is why, for the last hour, with the increased wind and ever slackening tide, we hardly caught a fish. That was not so bad though, as for the first two hours we caught nine bass. Five of those were killed for the table. One was released at the side of the boat, and this one was a big one. Likely 6lb plus, the hook pulled just as James was lifting its head for the net to get under. A couple of gurnard and a couple of mackerel made up the total catch. And based on those results, the following sailing was turned into a shore session, and the 2 hour squid session planned at the end of the day was cancelled. And another 7 days of wind to look forward to.

If anybody wants any shore sessions this year (river or open beach) now is the time to be added to my whatsapp group as the season is beginning to show signs of fishes retreating, especially from the rivers. Text your name and SHORE to 07970 112774 if that interests you.

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